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Kentucky Derby 2021 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 2/28/21 by DogsUp; 49841 views.

From: DogsUp


I have often thought of going to the Eclipse awards and doing imitations of trainers. 

FOR WAYNE LUKAS IMITATION:  I'd turn back to audience. Put on aviator glasses, cow boy hat. Fake big teeth. Turn to audience with big WTF smile. Wave hand a bit. Point and poke finger to audience both sides 

Opener: You probably know I'm used to staying up this late, sometimes never going home at night and right to the AM works. Am I keeping you up Todd?

Then a female (part of routine) walks on stage with mic to interview. Wayne gives her the look over while acknowlging to audience he's doing it.

SHE: Good evening Mr. Lukas.

W: You can call me Wayne. Maybe latter Big Daddy.

S: Will you bring your horse back to the K Derby next year to defend his title?  

 W: (Diplomatically) I wish I could? You know little darling; tonight is the first time I've heard of you. How'd you get here?

S: My dad just bought 7 stables at different tracks.

W: Maybe I can give you an exclusive interview with your Dad tomorrow for dinner.

I guess our times up (introduce winner Eclipse winner together. 

Imitation of TODD:

T:How do like the new look?  SWIPES his white goatee.

Pulls the same austentatious recognizable sunglasses Wayne was wearing and puts them on.

Looks over at Wayne (while putting on the fake teeth) audience doesn't see Todd doing this.

Says to Wayne: How'm I doing.

Wayne breaks up and crowd follows..claps.

Todd: Turns back to audience with fake teeth..zhit eating smile.

T: Don't laugh. I just ordered some chaps.

Same interview lady.

Todd what do your horses look like for tomorrow's big day races.

Todd: Glasses + teeth off.

Jesuit priest demeanor. Confessing to mom he ate the pie for Thanksgiving day dinner already.

Well. We had a case of sniffles in the barn. We've done everything possible. 

I wish I could say we'd be more than ready tomorrow. (Todd realizes he made a subconscious joke).

Looks at the audience.

T:Hey maybe I can do stand-up if I don't get horses.

T: Well bragging is not my style. Or showboating with a big long white lock of hair running down the side of my right face.

Audience knows this is Baffert.

T: As usual when my horse is saddled, rider up. Out of the gate. Watch his run. And hopes for a win. It is only then that I can confidently say something specifically about my chances.

Yet without fail..I've never..ever said I didn't like even one of my runners AM works.

BAFFERT: There making a horse movie at Santa Anita. Anyone want to be a co star?

I've got so many good horses sent to me that when the van driver shows up he asks me how much to bet in the winter book on them.

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From: DogsUp


Spread above to read.

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From: DogsUp


Well I've thought about my notes to myself. Here is the post that makes sense. NYRA circuit Jockeys. They are my keys. Of course sound Tri wheels will have long shots.

The Post

Picture the 20 jocks dining all together. One small drink.

Then their riding assignments are pill drawn. Things would change 

Top jocks will be in there. Out ride out think out maneuver and know.. when to ride their colt 

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From: DogsUp


I guess if I had really studied the Tom Brady video in earnest I would realize it was Baffert's story.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Good point, Dogs.  

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From: DogsUp


"It's  not over till the Fat Lady sings." YOGI BERRA

Baffert interview

'Sometimes the shark eats the kid.'    There's no explanation for it 

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From: DogsUp


Horse med injection takes just seconds.

Medina Spirit like all Derby runners was scoped out physically and for blood April 18th. And passed.

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From: DogsUp


Bob is old news now..

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Reportedly Took Their Maybe Romance On Vacation.

Better than WW 3