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Kentucky Derby 2021 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/28/21 by DogsUp; 80208 views.
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From: DogsUp



1 Baffert suspended for year(s) by Ky review board using 1st sample. Ruled off the course.

2. 2nd split sample contaminated was partly due to and by Ky review board involvement in security chain of custody of the split sample.

Hoofnote: All or most active trainers realize an administrative not intentional drug charge will cripple their livelihood and reputation going forward. 

3. Baffert takes legal action in Ky court system. Evidence (due process) against the defendant was spoiled by prosecutor's (Ky review board) actions.

4. Most cases the matter must be thrown out.

5. Churchill + KDerby matters have Churchill digging their heels in. 

6. NYRA hearing in January. Baffert defending his court order to race in NYRA circuit. *Belmont Stakes.

7. IF court finds Baffert did not get due process due to prosecution proceeding  by Ky board. The KY board is an authority of the Commonwealth of Ky. Mishandled evidence.

8. Oh Man! Oh person!

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From: DogsUp


And..and Baffert needs an outcome to negate the $9 million sought by bettors that perhaps felt the jaws of defeat ex post facto. No less. 

I've been taken down like a Christmas tree. Not a game for whimps or non risk takers.

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From: DogsUp


NYRA legal has submitted to court counter challenge to Baffert attorney request to amend future NYRA hearing charges. 

NYRA sites to court most recent precedent adjudication of trainer ban:Vitale. Whereas NYRA vs Vitale called upon Vitale's other US track violations and the criminal agregious acts on NYRA grounds.

Prior NYRA ban Richard Dutrow.

If the ointment didn't pass inspection at the 2nd sample appointment, then the evidence will serve as an inconclusive disappointment.

My bet for the day is many products should and are not labeled for the time in a horse's bloodstream. Seems track vets are somewhat non advisory or precautionary to their clients

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