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Irad Ortiz punches Paco Lopez   General Discussions

Started Mar-1 by TexSquared; 1172 views.

From: smartyslew


Yes that is in my tool box and the draw for post positions is important for me especially in a

20 horse field. You have to also recognize when a Young Jock with the prospects of being very good

matures and learns to get rid of bad habits. Some of them when young didn't recognize fear or have fear

made some mistakes learned what fear is. Its like many young men that didn't have fear thought they would give boxing a try. some of those when they got hit hard in the nose, decided it wasn't for them.
Irad was a top prospect when a apprentice and made a lot of bad rides that some trainers would not put him on a horse then . he needed to mature and learn from his mistakes and today they use him.

Saying that once in awhile he still makes that mistake like that ride in that race.

So i have that noted.