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PETards block Golden Gate Fields main track   General Discussions

Started Mar-4 by TexSquared; 510 views.

From: TexSquared


Given that they did this on the dirt, easy solution would have been to run the races on the turf...

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


From the article:

Direct Action Everywhere describes itself as “a global network of activists working to achieve animal liberation in one generation.”

It sounds like a death cult.  Imagine liberating, setting free, leaving to fend for themselves dogs, cats, horses, etc.  All the domesticated animals, including food sources, the pet mice, reptiles, rabbbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc, etc.  You get my drift.

Most of them would die horrible deaths in their "liberated" state.  

Now, I'm not saying there isn't animal abuse because there most certainly is, in fact, way too much animal abuse.

Specific to horse racing, drugging and doping healthy animals for race purposes is, in my opinion, animal abuse.  Etc.

People who mistreat their house pets or raise certain animals to fight for betting purposes.  Of course, these subhumans exist.  Keeping animals in deplorable conditions.

People should be prosecuted for animal abuse.

This organization is PETA cubed, or something.  The fringe of the lunatic fringe?  Hidden somewhere inside even the most ridiculous message from this outfit, people will cling to the single kernel of truth to justify going down the rabbit hole.  The kernel of truth is:  animal abuse exists. 

The distortion that follows in their "philosophy" (using the word very loosely) means so many animals will die in their "liberated" state.

End of rant.


From: smartyslew


Steve I agree with everything you said:

You said: "People should be prosecuted for animal abuse."

That reminded me of another subject That really bothers me and this may not be the right forum for this.

People should be Prosecuted and held accountable for People abuse and the abuse I'm focused

on today is How the pandemic has been handled. We can't let all these people get away with it.


From: ChiefsCrown


Easier solution would be to bring the rail in 10 feet and run a 20 horse race during they're protest. I'd lay 1/9 odds they get up and out in a New York minute!

just sayin'

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I'm pretty sure we are on the same page when it comes to the pandemic & how it has been handled or mishandled, depending on one's point of view.  We've discussed it off site.

However, I think you are correct that this isn't the right place to break it down.


One of the reasons we have such a friendly atmosphere on this forum is because we all follow Cindy & Tex's rule #1 - political, religious & otherwise topics sure to cause disharmony are verboten.   Some other racing sites just let the crap fly & I assume they count clicks but the sites soon become cesspits.  Just my opinion.  :)


From: TexSquared


The track looked too dry... Should have sent out the water trucks....


From: Gerh


Then harrow it again


From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

People should be prosecuted for animal abuse.

Well, yes, it's always *people*.

It becomes a circular argument though, as people are the ones breeding domesticated animals, either thru negligence (no spay/neuter) or for profit.     Therefore, IMHO, the animals are owed a good life. 

Stop breeding if we can't stop abusing.  That solves the problems both privately and commercially, sport or pleasure.  

If we can't depend on *people* to do this, then you have to levy laws and regulations that force them to do it.   Since I don't expect human behavior to change, I will choose and support the latter happening.   Standardize the laws/regs, and make the punishment swift and severe.

Fines do not work unless they are substantial.   Ask any apartment manager about deposits and pet fees.....then talk to the scofflaws who will tell you "I paid all these deposits so I can do as I please."   And they do just that, i.e. wreck the place. 

P.S.  And yes, PETA people are a bit nuts/illogical....I had to work with (more like around) them when I was doing dog rescue, so i have first hand experience with them.  But I don't let them color the good that is being done in most rescue orgs. 


From: smartyslew


Is this Abuse?

Haha!  Notice the monkey has a banana on the ground right behind him & now he goes for the knockout blow!
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