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Bluegrass Stakes   Triple Crown

Started Mar-31 by princeofdoc; 3282 views.
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From: Wintertrian


I'm gonna watch Bluegrass a few more times.  I'm picturing the calvary charge and congestion that is always the KY Derby and I'm not at all sold on Essential Quality, Highly Motivated, or even Highest Honor.    I know what I'm looking for but will have to watch a ton of races to see it. 

Too bad about Candymanrocket in the Wood.  Something not right with that one, he keeps stopping.  I suspect there's some breathing problems going on there.    Speaking of breathing problems,  Simply Ravishing not going in the Oaks if you liked her any.......same deal.


From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

I had Rock Your World finishing in 38.53, but he was geared down....

The Ron McAnally breeding.   He's quite nice.   Turfer, with some stamina looks like?

DogsUp said:

Win today by EQ at 100 pointavos*

*Husker I made up this word.

Good to know - the spelling/grammar police are ever vigilant.


From: ChiefsCrown


Heard he's probably going to contest the Canadian Triple Crown.


From: ChiefsCrown


Not sold on the 3 you stated above either. If Concert Tour doesn't win the Ark., i won't add him to my super, might look at Hozier if he performs Sat. 

As of now, if the derby were run this Saturday, i'd be looking at Hot Rod, Agenda, Rock Your World and Midnight Bourbon. These picks hinge on who does what in the Ark Derby. 

Can't see any deep closers doing anything but running down tired horses for a 4th place in May. Bourbonic????

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Visually looking at the first two, I was wondering about EQ until comparing to the rest of the field and the time and pace of the race.  Best this year for me.  EQ does what is needed to win each time so far.  Can't see anyone else.  First Tapit to win?


From: Oldbettowin


I’ve got the Bluegrass dynamic duo one-two right now but it’s been what, 30 years since a Bluegrass winner won the derby?  Looking for an upset and I don’t think it’s Concert Tour either, who is also going to take a bunch of money....