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KY Derby Leaderboard   Triple Crown

Started Apr-4 by Wintertrian; 5077 views.

From: Wintertrian

Apr-14 said...

Panadol, UAE, 4f: 46.58, 6f 70.83, 8f: 96.33, 9f: 109.16

These numbers would put Panadol right with the Hot Rod Charlie and Rock Your World at the 4f mark.

Was there a rail bias in the UAE Derby like there was at SA when RYW won?   

(I have no faith in Rispoli anyway, he gave Moraz a terrible ride, opened up the rail (which was also extra good for that race too) to let Soothsay just run on by, and ended up going wide with Moraz who HAD the rail where the bias was playing to that day.)

IMHO Panadol would beat RYW.



From: DogsUp



When I was a youngster I would go to the barber shop on my own (called stylist today) and smoke a cigarette and keep it on the ash tray stand. By age 10 I was self sufficient and had money for tobacco, clothes, hair cut etc. 

Always wanted to be waiting for my turn in the barber's chair.

Look at the girlie books (no one really reads in the shop) and I'd check out the sexy calendar. All while smelling cheap after shave and listening to the buzz of electric cutters.

What an education. They talked about: world to local news, women, cars, politics, food, alcohol drinking, sex, money, sports and everything in between.

Ralph the Barber. Tall thin and thin mustache. Always imagined he had a promise after work.

TODAY: Young boy goes with his mommy to women's salon. Sits and waits while ear phones in his ears and plays game both on phone.

When I airline traveled for business; again, always amazed kids not taking-in the airport and airplanes. Rather on devices and ear plugs. 

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From: Wintertrian


RAESFAN said...

I would be in awe of the courageous men that worked so high off the ground

Speaking of which, the "tree guys" are out at my complex for next few weeks.  New owners and the guy in charge of taking down a good 50 trees is 65, looks like an oxen, is also w/the fire department, and says he's been doing this for 40 years.  You have to be born to this kind of constitution. Strong back, strong knees, strong arms. This is back-breaking work.   I've been watching his crew now for days, it's unreal.  He does all the cutting though.  Very dangerous work, they are working 10 hour days. 

The complex was built keeping trees in the "olden days" it was lovely.  But all those roots started to really mess w/the underground plumbing. All the newer places just get rid of the trees to begin with, then build onto a moonscape.   This place is quite old and more charming, so all the trees were here and kept.   But many of them grew scaggly and many 50+ ft tall pines.....the kind that blow over in the straight winds and tornados we have here. 

There's one that does have to go, that would take 3 people to wrap their arms around, end to end.   I told the bossman:  "I don't want to be home for that."  He said "that's a 9 hour tree....but i've never dropped a tree on anything in 40 years."   I bet.   I was kind of apologizing to the tree already, but it will be a table for someone since it is a hardwood.  Easily a 100 year old tree though.   But it reallly is dangerous where it is.  Right up against one of the buildings. 

So between that monstrous Genie Articulating 85' monster in the National Park  yesterday, being unloaded in full traffic on a narrow city street, and this, I'm filled with wonderment.   How to get things done, and the people who get it done. 


From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

What an education. They talked about: world to local news, women, cars, politics, food, alcohol drinking, sex, money, sports and everything in between.

Barber shops.......the lifeblood of any *real* neighborhood..........for sure!!!!


From: ChiefsCrown


If that chart is correct, King Fury gets in. Pretty far down the list this year, 20 pts, WOW!




It was the trees that permitted mankind to exist, yet we treat them as if they are merely in our way! 

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.”
Mahatma Gandhi


From: TexSquared


He's #25 on the list so he'll need 5 more scratches to draw into the race.  I think the Derby does two AE's (and would only draw in if there are scratches by Oaks morning; stupid rule, should be Derby morning) so he would have to be #22 or higher on entry day to at least be an AE.

That chart is straight from Churchill Downs.  Here's the link to where they post the latest updates to it: