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Mid-April top 20   Triple Crown

Started Apr-13 by Oldbettowin; 6924 views.

From: Oldbettowin


Why not lol.

1a. Essential Quality

1b. Known Agenda

1c. Highly Motivated

4. Bourbonic

5. Soup and Sandwich

6. Crowded Trade

7. Rombauer (AE)

8. Dynamic One

9. O Besos (AE)

10. Hidden Stash (AE)

11. Helium

12. Rock Your World

13. Like the King

14. Hot Rod Charlie

15. Midnight Bourbon

16. Sainthood

17. Weyburn

18. Medina Spirit

19. Super Stock

20. Proxy (AE)

21. Dream Shake (AE)

22. Concert Tour

23. Caddo River

24. Mandaloun

?? Panadol


Okay sorry, 25.  Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only.  This means you Dogs. :D


From: DogsUp


I like Hot Rod Charlie to swap places with Bourbonic


From: Oldbettowin


Awhhh.  I know how enamored you were with the Wood lol.

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From: Oldbettowin


Did everyone see this?

they will limit your views unless you subscribe but I just took screenshots.  I’ve bought enough C-J’s over the years.




For kicks(This is a ranking and does not reflect how I will bet):

1. Essential Quality

2. Hot Rod Charlie

3. Rock Your World

4. Known Agenda

5. Midnight Bourbon

6. Medina Spirit

7. Super Stock

8. Highly Motivated

9. Caddo River

10. Helium

11. Concert Tour

12. Crowded Trade

13. Sainthood

14. O Besos

15. Weyburn

16. Soup and Sandwich

17. Mandaloun

18. Rombauer

19. Dynamic One

20. Bourbonic

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From: Wintertrian


Midnight Bourbon looks like a 9Fer to me, sort of like Caddo River & Concert Tour.  I don't think I could put him 5th.  

Panadol's Longines Spirit win race at 1600m....quite impressive speed and plenty left to pull away from the entire field in the stretch... but only at about 1 mile :

Then running 2nd to Rebel's Romance.  No way I could leave him off top 10 if he comes. 

10-5-13-0-0 (28) DI =3.31  CD = 0.89





From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

I like Hot Rod Charlie to swap places with Bourbonic

I do, too.  See my post below.  

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From: Wintertrian


I like to re-visit past derbies just to see how wonky things can go.  2017 for instance.  A race that probably a lot of people lost $$ on.  

2017 the super dual qualifiers (gormley, mccraken, gunnevera) did squat.  EP/6 runner Classic Empire ran 4th.  That's the horse you need to get for the big payouts.  That's where I think Essential Quality ends up. 

Always Dreaming (winner) and Classic Empire (4th) only had 12 dosage points each. 
None of the best 2 turn Beyer Speed Figure horses hit the superfecta (except Always Dreaming, who won) 
 think Gunnevera and Lookin at Lee had the (same) highest late pace numbers, and only Lookin at Lee brought it. 

Hollendorfer's Battle of Midway ran 3rd at 37-1 and I played him in a single to show (I was pulling for him and posted about it that year, cuz he was one of those Don Alberto/Windstar horses, who had race record of 1-3-1-2 at the time.  So had never run out of the money and I thought that was a good off the radar longshot.)  

(Don Alberto had that really nice stamina-laden colt, with Baffert-----Reach The World-----who reminds me a bit of stamina-laden Sainthood) and who was euthanized in a training accident before the Preakness & Belmont, which I believe he would have rocked.  

So coming up with the "what works" is different every year. 

At any rate if you had to FIND the Battle of Midway or Lee or Classic Empire this year could be:    Mandaloun, Like The King, Hot Rod Charlie or Proxy if he goes, just glancing   ----  they aren't winners but could get in the top 4.   Also could be Concert Tour (if he goes) or Medina Spirit, actually. 




You are right about Panadol. That was an oversight.


From: DogsUp



ABOUT Bourbie. With 3 weeks to go this will be the LAST DERBY COLT I put in my recipe. 

That is: The connections, coming in the back door from Parx. WOOD win.. You know; Pletcher was not an on-sight trainer/AM works, saddle-up there. Nor jocko. And owner Ripole. Antenna up for anecdotal info. And prayer for the real essentials and people in life: and perfect ticket construction.

Our Lady of the Derby, please grant all peace, and a piece of the Tri and super.