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Triple Crown 2021 Draft   General Discussions

Started Apr-16 by; 3648 views.



Triple Crown 2021 Draft


Scoreboard after Derby:

1. Dogs - 11 (Medina Spirit, 1st, 10 pts; Essential Quality, 4th, 1 pt)

2. Chiefs - 4 (Mandaloun, 2nd, 4 pts)

3. Cubs - 2 (Hot Rod Charlie, 3rd, 2 pts)

4. North - 0

5. Winter - 0

6. Pianot - 0


Scoring for each TC race:

1st: 10 points

2nd: 4 points

3rd: 2 points

4th: 1 point

Here's the draft order. Snake draft format (person who picks last in a round picks first in the next round and the draft continues in reverse order from there). Used a number generator on Google to get the order.

Tiebreaker will be the combined $2 WPS parimutuel payoff of the tied participants' four draft picks throughout the TC races.

You are picking four horses for the entire Triple Crown series. Each horse can only be picked once. No substitutions or swapping out of horses can be made unless there is an injury or a scratch.

Note you don't have to pick from just likely Derby runners. You can select a horse that might be specifically targeting the Preakness or Belmont.

Round 1:

1.1: Chiefs: Known Agenda

1.2: Dogs: Essential Quality

1.3: cubs: Rock Your World

1.4: North: Rebel's Romance

1.5: Winter: Like The King

Round 2

2.1: Winter: Soup & Sandwich

2.2: North: Crowded Trade

2.3: cubs: Hot Rod Charlie

2.4: Dogs: Highly Motivated

2.5: Chiefs: Super Stock

Round 3:

3.1: Chiefs: Concert Tour

3.2: Dogs: Medina Spirit

3.3: cubs: O Besos

3.4: North: Helium

3.5: Winter: Sainthood

Round 4:

4.1: Winter: Dynamic One

4.2: North: Rombauer (King Fury scr)

4.3: cubs: Weyburn

4.4: Dogs: Bourbonic

4.5: Chiefs: Mandaloun


Chiefs: Known Agenda, Super Stock, Concert Tour, Mandaloun

Dogs: Essential Quality, Highly Motivated, Medina Spirit, Bourbonic

Cubs: Rock Your World, Hot Rod Charlie, O Besos, Weyburn

North: Rebel's Romance, Crowded Trade, Helium, Rombauer

Winter: Like the King, Soup & Sandwich, Sainthood, Dynamic One

Pianot: Midnight Bourbon, Hozier, Caddo River, Brooklyn Strong

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From: ChiefsCrown


Sure. I'll be back closer to the Derby.

For bragging rights i'm assuming?



Yeah. We'd want to get started soon in order to finish by Derby weekend.


From: Northof64


I would give it a shot.


From: Wintertrian


I'll play.  Sounds like fun.

but I need to wait a little longer til the field is solidified further and musical chairs are over. 

I would say there's got to be a 4 horse pick though.  That 4th horse is the killer hard one to get.  In a way that should be the most points  LOL



From: DogsUp


Yeah All in. Like Winter says, agree, go 4 deep. Cause it's also across 3 races.

Said that injury change in contest condition mean if Winter sprained her neck or Husker pulled a hamstring.

So really it's an Entered for the TC race (IN) and then scratched. Horse substitution for scratch not that horse has not entered in subsequent races. Cut throat.

  • Edited April 16, 2021 11:03 pm  by  DogsUp

From: Wintertrian


I prefer substitution for scraches right up until it's too late for them to declare but that is just my vote since cubs in running the contest so his rules.  


From: DogsUp


Yes. It should be selections in by just reasonably before the race and contestant has ability for substitute later scratch.

Each race is a separate 4 horse entry of horses by contestant in that leg of the TC 

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I'm open to suggestions, the format was taken from a horse racing podcast. All picks are locked in for the entire TC, barring officially being taken off the trail due to injury, so you have to consider who might run in multiple legs, or who might be pointed to a specific leg, when making your four picks.

We'll probably need 2 days per round due to everyone's varying ability to access the forum, so we should probably start on Wednesday in order to finish by Oaks day.

I'll post the draft order around noon on Wednesday. Everyone will have 12 hours to make their pick, then we'll move onto the next person. The person skipped, if necessary, can make their pick at any time.

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Here's the draft order. Snake draft format (person who picks last in a round picks first in the next round and the draft continues in reverse order from there. Used a number generator on Google to get the order.

Chiefs can pick whenever. Dogs will be on the clock for 12 hours after Chief's pick, or starting at 12am on Thursday if Chiefs does not pick before then.

Round 1:

1.1: Chiefs:

1.2: Dogs:

1.3: cubs:

1.4: North:

1.5: Winter:

Round 2

2.1: Winter:

2.2: North:

2.3: cubs:

2.4: Dogs:

2.5: Chiefs:

Round 3:

3.1: Chiefs:

3.2: Dogs:

3.3: cubs:

3.4: North:

3.5: Winter:

Round 4:

4.1: Winter:

4.2: North:

4.3: cubs:

4.4: Dogs:

4.5: Chiefs: