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Triple Crown 2021 Draft   General Discussions

Started Apr-16 by; 7411 views.
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Here's the draft order. Snake draft format (person who picks last in a round picks first in the next round and the draft continues in reverse order from there. Used a number generator on Google to get the order.

Chiefs can pick whenever. Dogs will be on the clock for 12 hours after Chief's pick, or starting at 12am on Thursday if Chiefs does not pick before then.

Round 1:

1.1: Chiefs:

1.2: Dogs:

1.3: cubs:

1.4: North:

1.5: Winter:

Round 2

2.1: Winter:

2.2: North:

2.3: cubs:

2.4: Dogs:

2.5: Chiefs:

Round 3:

3.1: Chiefs:

3.2: Dogs:

3.3: cubs:

3.4: North:

3.5: Winter:

Round 4:

4.1: Winter:

4.2: North:

4.3: cubs:

4.4: Dogs:

4.5: Chiefs:


From: Wintertrian


Well what are the days for drafts?  I am too dumb to understand this since i don't bet on other sports. 

So I can pick 4 horses in order in Draft 1, then get other chances inn succeeding days to pick 4 horses in order for Draft 2, 3 and 4?

That's going to be a "schedule" people have to keep.  Could I just do all my drafts at once?   LOL  Or at least 2 of them?



The draft officially starts at noon tomorrow. Everyone has 12 hours to make their pick once it's their turn.

You are picking four horses for the entire Triple Crown series. Each horse can only be picked once.

No substitutions or swapping out of horses can be made unless there is an injury or a scratch.

You can send me a shortlist of your picks in rank order via private message if you want and I'll draft the next available from your list.


From: DogsUp


Cubs I'm LOL.  You are in the contest. You can't view future potential selections.

Derbygate takes on a whole new meaning.

Said in fun and this is great fun.. (d)



Right, just giving options. I have my own list ready to go.


From: DogsUp


I knew that. A man of your integrity.

Did you get the Watergate ..Derbygate joke? 


From: Northof64


The nice thing for us is we pick later so after seeing how others do it we will know if we pick one or four or so on. I thought it might be like fantasy football draft. I look forward to trying it and appreciate cubs effort. Good luck to all!



Deep Throat is the one who lodged the second objection against Maximum Security. From the grassy knoll at the 1/4 pole.


From: ChiefsCrown


So....let me gets this straight. I have to give you 4 horses at once in rd. one or do i pick 1 horse in each round. Don't want to sound dumb but i've never played this type of pool before.


From: ChiefsCrown


Cubs cottage industry pool. That was my question!!