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Triple Crown 2021 Draft   General Discussions

Started Apr-16 by; 9237 views.
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North scores 10 with Rombauer, who was a supplemental selection after the scratch of King Fury before the Derby. Pianot is on the board with their team of also-eligibles as Midnight Bourbon ran second. Dogs adds a point with the Derby winner getting third. No one had Keepmeinmind.

Dogs and North have two of the top early choices heading into the Belmont: Essential Quality and Rebel's Romance. 

Scoreboard after Preakness:

1. Dogs - 13 (Medina Spirit, 3rd, Preakness)

2. North - 10 (Rombauer, 1st, Preakness)

3-t. Chiefs - 4

3-t. Pianot - 4 (Midnight Bourbon, 2nd, Preakness)

5. Cubs - 2

6. Winter - 0

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From: DogsUp


Dogs ran 3rd = 2 points Preak.

11 Derby + 2 Preak.  13 score.

Presently has 12 as total score.

CC: Jockey Club

 Bob Baffert

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Maybe Known Agenda runs and does well in the Belmont otherwise i'm toast!!

Time to coronate Dogs!!!!



Fixed, too many black eyed susans yesterday and not enough coffee this morning.


From: DogsUp


I was worried and concerned that you had pain in your hands while logging in the scores and your hand pain relief ointment wasn't legal.



With Rebel's Romance out due to injury, North can swap him out for one of the other Belmont entrants that are not on a team:

France Go de Ina


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As far as I can tell, even if Medina Spirit is DQ'd, Dogs will hang onto the lead and win this year's contest.

- 2021 Triple Crown Draft Champion, DogsUp

Scoreboard after Belmont

1. Dogs - 23 (Essential Quality, 1st, Belmont) (14 with Medina Spirit DQ)

2. North - 12 (Rombauer, 3rd, Belmont) 

3. Cubs - 6 (Hot Rod Charlie, 2nd, Belmont) (9 with Medina Spirit DQ)

4. Chiefs - 5 (Known Agenda, 4th, Belmont) (11 with Medina Spirit DQ)

5. Pianot - 4

6. Winter - 0


From: DogsUp


Said in fun...In a betting/ handicapping contest or in real betting; when the tote board goes up in lights:Official. 

Tickets and the winning payouts numbers are forevermore... and a day. All 50 states. Tested in courts. 

Even if the judging officials substantially error by omission/commision; or the incorrect numbers are posted and become official. FInal.


Hoofnote: As I wrote here the Tri was a no play. Pick 4

Fourth leg in Pick 4 with EQ cold and not using Knicks Go as a free square (4th in a 6 horse field) ..long layoff return from Dubai /January).

The Pick 4 was the play for using single EQ; and even with the M/L and Off favorite (3-2)  in the preceding 1 1/4 grasser running lights out to catch a 16-1 late.

Thought it might be my day as Stew inquiry against that winner would inflate my ticket many fold. But not taken down. 

$1,077. @ $2 ticket

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Nice. A group of us did a pick 5, got bounced in the first leg with our first single of Shedaresthedevil. Came back with the same ticket for the Pick 4. Would've preferred Tribhuvan in the third leg as well, hit it with our single of EQ. 


From: DogsUp


When that runner was coming down the stretch in 3rd leg and far and away ahead I could think a ticket with Essential Quality locking up the 4th leg paying 3.5 to $4,000. I started praying to Our Lady of the Horses  on my 2nd chance that the Inquiry would take the winner down.

Lady Luck pulling my chain. I knew that horse really shouldn't come down. I would bet a Double Down on that against my payoff having the DQ move up on my ticket.

It's usually the occasion in the last leg of my Pick that Dogs has to wait it out to stay up. 

Inquiry. Objection. Arrears in jockey's child support. Hot dog stand guy says jockey didn't pay.

And then...they have to rerun the video...14 times from 3 angles. And the Dogs starts talking out loud why his horse should stay up according to the rules; if a substantial ticket. Or a pounded Double. I need a shower and some Lasix.

I usually Dutch a Pick when appropriate.

I'll take a Dead Heat anytime.


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