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Sprinting speed   Triple Crown

Started Apr-19 by Wintertrian; 222 views.

From: Wintertrian


One of the things I look at, because it's someting Zenyatta taught me, is that a lot of people don't realize she wasn't so much closing on horses in the stretch so much as "sprinting past them".  She had a big engine, plenty of stamina, but it was her sprinting ability that made her able to just run by them all at the end, she just turned that on.     Most closers run by tiring horses when pace collapses........she didn't just run past tiring horses, they were still "live".......lts just that her ability to be a fast sprinter is obvious in her early PPs......she had that as a given. 

So, I do go back and look at horse's early 6F. 6.5F and/or non route  races and see what they were able to do.  If it's not there, it's not there.  So far, in my looking briefly, the ones that can sprint fast are:

Rock Your World, Medina Spirit, Highly Motivated, Soup & Sandwich, Dream Shake, Mandoloun, Midnight Bourbon. Known Agenda  (I didn't include Like The King or Sainthood due to non-dirt. )

Does anyone else feel that this is a valid point tool?  This is how Zenyatta did it, so I'm wondering. 




Zenyatta reminded me of those 18 wheelers on the highway. You can outsprint them from a standstill, but trying to outrun them on a long highway, doesn't work nearly as well.


From: Wintertrian


As it turns out, this sprinting speed thing has a lot of value, but others will describe it in "final times" (final F, final 3/8, etc.) ........I just go about things in my own way and call them something different.   

Same principle.  

I do these things intuitively by watching horses I love and trying to figure out "why they keep winning".   

The flip side of that is to figure out why they keep losing.  (there's 2 horses at OP that i've given up on and decided they need to be giving pony rides at a fair somewhere...).  The funny part is that 1-2 weeks AFTER I gave up on them, they were showing up in other people's picks as WIN candidates.  Of course, I snickered just a tad to myself.  I don't love being the ONLY sucker.     hahahhaa   and yes, they lost, didn't even hit the board, but even Bris had them in their top boxes.   I guess some think a horse is bound to win at some point.  That may be true, but not necessarily at the track they're running presently, or not during the next 4 months either.  And then of course, there is ..........never.