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Friday strike!   General Discussions

Started Apr-29 by inforadime; 157 views.

From: inforadime


Scrambled for aDRF ,nice to feel the pages & put pen on it/ can’t wait for races these horses will be ready cuz trainer ready r4-10 r8-5 r9-12

u trust me now r11-14 finish r13 11


From: DogsUp


Call ahead and have them hold a DRF. Yep. The form is like an Astronaut getting inside the command module to go into trip to outer space.

Same as getting behind a set of drums and play.

Or going inside the painting as one discovers where they are going with the work. 

It's a feel for it. It's actually the tool. The machine.

I like paper not digital data for racing.

I used to use markers, pens and even a crayon to line out scratches. In case I wanted to refer.

Now I read like a concert conductor. He just reads the score and doesn't pencil in notes. Quiet here. Stop. 

As the boys will say: Play Friday to gas up/make$ for Saturday.