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Medina Spirit - Positive - Betamethasone   Triple Crown

Started May-9 by SameSteve G; 15232 views.
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From: Oldbettowin


Anyone know when the second test is supposed to come back?  It took one week for the first and today marks one week after that but you’d think they could have put a rush on it.  It’s going to be interesting if Medina Spirit wins today but the second test nullifies any chance at Barfart getting another triple.  It’s just one more reason why I’ll be surprised if the second sample confirms the first.


From: pianot


I heard up to 4 weeks.


From: Oldbettowin


Whut.  Why would it take up to four weeks if the first one was one week?  So possibly after the Belmont is run?  That would be the definition of absurd.

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From: Wintertrian


I'm laughing at how people say Baffert is a hands-on trainer. 

He had to "investigate" to find out that a horse he trains is being treated for a fungal infection. 

Baffert is not a real horseman.  He spends hours interviewing, talking on phone, going to much time do you think he actually puts in other than watching works and working the walkie talkie during works, one-on-one with his horses? 

Obviously he is not very well acquainted with Medina Spirit, that has become obvious 



From: DogsUp


LOL...No one can say Winter is wishy washy in tell it.

Enjoy the race. 

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Has anyone seen a pic that positively identifies Median Spirit of having a rash when treated?  I have only seen a  shot of a hindquarter which you really could not tell what horse it was.   Also need to check the date.


From: Wintertrian


I thought the same thing, Pistol. But..... I think I saw a subsequent photo of his hind end with the saddlecloth on though, somewhere, don't remember where.  I have no doubt there is something going on with him.  (and Concert Tour as well......bleeder?)  This is what happens when you're 1st and 2nd stringers aren't viable and then you gotta use what you got left as you sort thru the ones left in your barn who can still race. this is why I like the small barns.  They don't have that luxury......there is no "go-to" horses waiting in the wings. 

Also, what doesn't make sense is that there is increased security at TC races, so IF Baffert's story about the butt cream was true, a track veterinarian would have had to sign off on that, they would have a list of stuff horse was on as a matter of record, and of course the track vet would have noticed the beta in there

I keep thinking back to that little dogandpony show Baffert gave with Justify, standing out on those pebbles in front of barn after KY Derby, all the eyes who saw horse was lame, and then all the apologists came rushing in......then after the Belmont so clear he was unsound and unable to run another race.  People do not want to believe things even if they see it with their own eyes, sort of like how the other half is when one spouse is cheating and they keep looking for zebras instead of horses which are so apparent. 


From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

No one can say Winter is wishy washy in tell it.

when you have to type words in little boxes and express an opinion, esp. if it is a strongly held opinion, it's impossible to tell the emotion since the person is not in front of you for body language.  In real life I am able to express my opinions passionately, but apparently I do so in a good-natured manner, at least that is the way people tell me I come off.  I am not filled with invective or anything like that. 

I once had to tell a dentist that his work was not acceptable. My friend who was with me when I delievered that sentiment to the dentist said  "Wow.  That is just about the nicest, most polite manner in which I ever heard anyone tell somebody off".  I asked him for a re-do or a refund.   He claimed there was nothing wrong so I took the money and went to his buddy/collegue, someone who is a long-time friend of his down the street who said "I can't believe Dr. B. let you walk out of his office like this."     

I just tell what I see, but I'm fully aware I don't own the truth anymore than anyone else does. 

In the dentist's case, some patients may not have a problem with a crown where the color is so off that it looks like you have a mini-fridge in your mouth when you smile.   :)   Some may call that *perceptual*.  I call it:  "I know bad workmanship when I see it."  

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From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

Anyone know when the second test is supposed to come back?

They could do a split sample fast. 

The problem is that Medina Spirit is going to be DQed from his win in the KY Derby.  They are taking longer than necessary probably so everyone can get their ducks in a row.  And so that Bob's lawyers and such get their ducks in a row, too.  

I find the whole TC racing season at this point to be quite depressing and somewhat aniety producing myself.  After the BEL I'm taking the summer off from racing.  I did 52 weeks of OP before all this and am pretty burnt out on racing even though I had a lot of fun. 

As much as I don't like Baffert I stiill find the idea of DQing a KY Derby winner a rather melancholy prospect.