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Medina Spirit - Positive - Betamethasone   Triple Crown

Started May-9 by SameSteve G; 14630 views.

From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

Anyone know when the second test is supposed to come back?

They could do a split sample fast. 

The problem is that Medina Spirit is going to be DQed from his win in the KY Derby.  They are taking longer than necessary probably so everyone can get their ducks in a row.  And so that Bob's lawyers and such get their ducks in a row, too.  

I find the whole TC racing season at this point to be quite depressing and somewhat aniety producing myself.  After the BEL I'm taking the summer off from racing.  I did 52 weeks of OP before all this and am pretty burnt out on racing even though I had a lot of fun. 

As much as I don't like Baffert I stiill find the idea of DQing a KY Derby winner a rather melancholy prospect.  


From: DogsUp


The fact that CD and NYRA now running at Belmont Park have distanced themselves/ruled Baffert off the course; owners, breeders removing their horses, and there is separate entity Triple Crown Production's reputation involvement all leveling sanctions is in anticipation of split sample findings again returning positive.

And that result will secondarily  injure their reputation. 

Add 2021 Derby second place connections waiting in demands for 1st place purse money restitution. And prestige and future breeding enhancements. Save a new DQ Derby winner...Nobody Wins.

The annual one shooter Derby Day player is going to question the point of driving to a brick and mortar then returning home or elswhere with ticket wondering that after watching The 2 Minutes that their colt/philly lost the race and that once it's officia all tickets are forever more final as paid for results. Iron clad.

But now, even the one shooter would come to realize there's a likely chance that it seems that every other year, every other year, the track paid Official winner ticket combos and they are or will likely be holding tickets for the Derby pools and in combo picks that funded their demise.

Yet....strangely it becomes on the 1st Saturday in May the only game in town.

And, now...really...I wonder...I why why why why Wonder (lyrics My Little Runaway) if the 2nd sample tests out the ointment ingredients are in the sample and Commission and Stewards et al ..Let it Ride.

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From: TexSquared


Split sample also positive.  How soon before he's disqualified? Sounds to me the lawyers are going to hold this up in the courts.  1968 all over again.

Split Sample Confirms Medina Spirit Drug Positive - BloodHorse

Medina Spirit split sample confirmed for betamethasone (


From: smartyslew


It's pretty sad when only 8 drug free 3 yr olds can be found for the grade 1 Belmont

Stakes, Remember the years when they would fight up to the last day to get entered

in the Belmont. Where are those ?

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I bet Beta Bob has more than 8 lawyers working on "mitigating circumstances" though.  :)

"On your mark, get set...litigate!"


From: smartyslew


Trump would have pardoned him already

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Bigly.  Yugely.  A beautiful pardon.  :)

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From: TexSquared


Not DQ'ed yet but Baffert picked up a 2 year suspension from Churchill Downs.  Not just the CD track itself, but all tracks they own.... so no Arlington, Fair Grounds, Presque Isle, or Turfway. 

20210602_Baffert_Suspension.pdf (


From: Oldbettowin


Good deal!  And one would think they have to DQ....


From: ShaddyisBack


Probably, even if not, call a politician, throw millions at it, pay the 5 media corps. to write advocacy stories. Lock out the testing agency's and Walla... all is well.

Happening with voting rights

Biotechnology McKesson and Opioid crisis they paid to have the DEA stop watching them...

Inflation - That is a 30 uear joke. No wonder all the ederly on SS cant pay their bills. you get a 1% increase each year, CPI via FED tells you inflation is 1.3% EVERY YEAR... and reality is 7.5% YOY for past 23 years...

This is actually why America is going to sh*t