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Medina Spirit - Positive - Betamethasone   Triple Crown

Started 5/9/21 by SameSteve G; 21290 views.
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Wintertrian said:

Racing doesn't need him.

Not only doesn't need but better off without.  Unfortunately, I think he's like the barnacle on the bottom of the boat.  Only comes off if scraped off.  :)


From: ChiefsCrown


First, Beta Bob now Barnacle Bob!!!......Can't make this stuff up!

Wonder what's the time frame until the call Mandaloun the derby winner?

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


ChiefsCrown said:

Wonder what's the time frame until the call Mandaloun the derby winner?

Twelfth of never.  

If Beta Bob is a symptom, then the regulatory bodies  (such as the KHRC) are the disease.  It's their piss poor oversight of the sport over a period of decades that has allowed the symptoms to flourish.  Upgrade the regulatory end via implementation of HISA, upgrade the med/drug/dope end by putting US Anti-Doping Agency in charge & the myriad symptoms (Beta Bob being a particularly painful rash!) will recede.


From: Oldbettowin


The whole due process argument is stupid.  Baffert knows what the rules are.  

It’s sad that we knew this was coming but racing created a monster they now can’t control.


From: TexSquared


When big league sports decided to crack down on PED's and other illegal drugs (not necessarily performance-enhancing), players weren't able to pay off lawyers to nullify their fines and suspensions and let them keep playing while using steroids.  If a player gets in trouble with the law for domestic violence, sexual assault, etc... many leagues will automatically suspend that player until the matter is settled by the courts.  Again, that player doesn't get to pay off a lawyer and take the league to court to force them to let him play. 

Why should racing be any different?  

Otherwise, next time a baseball umpire finds a pitcher using an illegal substance to increase the spin rate of his pitches, or a  hitter using a corked bat... when the umpire signals ejection from the game the player's lawyer comes onto the field from his front row seat to challenge.... who needs managers, just have the players' lawyers on standby!


From: smartyslew


Does MLB still have a Union with a Lawyer that represents them against the Baseball Commissioner, I can't remember the Pete Rose fiasco or Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa.

Did any of them take MLB to Court.


From: TexSquared


A lot of it is covered here:

Doping in baseball - Wikipedia

Pete Rose wasn't suspended (for life) for doping but for gambling, voluntarily accepted the ban, and has never been reinstated (after several applications) so is still ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose - Wikipedia


From: princeofdoc


I don't think it's about the rules that he violated, it's about giving notice so that he can present his case.  I think the US constitution is an amazing document, and it needs to be respected.  The NYRA should have sought legal advice regarding how/when to suspend Baffert.  The judge decided they acted too quickly and didn't respect his constitutional rights.