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Medina Spirit - Positive - Betamethasone   Triple Crown

Started 5/9/21 by SameSteve G; 21226 views.

From: princeofdoc


Let's see what the 2nd lab tests's interesting that Baffert went to the press ahead of the time when they usually report.  Also wonder if the colt had the anti-inflammatory 2 weeks prior, which BB denies, if it could possibly show up in the blood.

I play a lot of poker, Steve, and I read Baffert as being surprised.....both by MS's victory AND the positive drug test.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


1 picogram is 1 trillionth of a gram.  So, Medina was 11 trillionths of 1 gram over.   An almost infinitesimally small amount.

A slightly altered metabolism or a slower than "normal" metabolism would put Medina over if the medication was in use.  Baffert says he never used it on the horse, BTW.

I agree & I have all along we need to see what happens with the split sample.   


From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

I agree & I have all along we need to see what happens with the split sample.

Agree, also.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


You may be right, as I acknowledged.  The lunatic(s) may have a very savvy chemist on the payroll.  :)

As I was saying to prince, 11 trillionths of a gram over is an almost infinitesimally small amount & would only take the slightest error on a human's part or a slightly out of whack biology in Medina to trigger the overage.

As far as conspiracies go, I think it's more likely that CDI, The KHRC & Baffert would collude to bury a positive split sample.

We should find out soon enough.  

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From: ChiefsCrown


"Were" is that the word used? If MS is DQ'd for the derby, the teflon man won't run Concert Tour in the Preakness?

....and if CT is withdrawn can we assume Baffert's guilty on drugging him as well?

A lot of questions, should prove to be an interesting and unboring leadup to the second leg of the triple crown. Not to mention the odds should change.


From: DogsUp



Horses owned by licensed individuals can run their horses with another trainer; due to their trainer who becomes ruled off the course, suspended or significantly barred.

°Churchill must address °Idependent lab finding              °Kentucky Racing Rules

They/CD will make Baffert the Gov of Kentucky or Pope before they would have to disqualify his colt and have to tell the one shooter world the Kty Derby product has some shame and sham. 

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From: DogsUp


This thing is really a big story and covers....multi media hype; that bettors don't have to return money won. . (Could I ever do a number on that LOL.)

Odds that Baffert will not be barred, and Churchill Downs will do everything in their power to make it a diminmus event and winner Stays Up: 1/9.

Odds Baffert severely sanctioned and Medina Spirit stripped of Win and installation of runner up becoming 2021 Derby winner: beyond counting.

This does cast a heavy cloud over the Preakness and Pimlico's big day unfortunately.

What's even more concerning; make that interesting, is the annual one day shooters for the Derby and the daily Daily Double partakers have no interest one way or another. They more or less expect it and accept it. No questions asked.

I didn't hear a peep when Maximum Security DQed.

When Steve Asmussen was audited; I believed they were trumped up charges. And a formal investigation found him absolutely in compliance. And the cost of those chargers were an assistant trainer committing suicide in that he felt he spoke to the case's undercover mole with candor.

This is the game we have chosen.

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From: Gerh


Not discounting the “xenophobic patriot” theory ,but I would have expected Sheikh Mo to be the target of something like that.




What is Baffert implying in his statement? "it's an injustice to the horse?" Is he saying that the rule is bogus, or that the claim that the horse failed the test is bogus? His statement doesn't say why he is saying that something is "wrong" with the sport. Why is he innocent?


From: Oldbettowin


He pretty much has to claim innocence or it calls into question all of his winners.

I have to wonder what happens if they do decide to DQ.  I don’t think they will but just suppose for a minute that they do.  What happens to all the otherwise  winning bets on combinations that didn’t include MS?  The paper slips are probably pretty much all gone but I’m sure some people are digging thru the garbage.  And one would have to assume that Twinspires has records of who bet on what....Are they going to honor those bets?  Are they going to debit the winners that had MS?  Lots to think about and I’m sure it’s all going to play into the decision on whether to take him down or not.  I’ll be surprised if he’s DQ’d.