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Started May-26 by Wintertrian; 123 views.

From: Wintertrian


So this is what I used to do when the Oaklawn Meet closed for the season.   They used to host the Super Retriever Series Crown Championships in Hot Springs, right at Oaklawn next to the race track in the fields there. Those were a lot of fun!!!   To many who don't live in rural areas this may seem red-necky but it's really not at the top levels.  I also never missed Justin Tackett's TV shows either but he's a local and used to come to a few of the get togethers. Nice guy with a great dog.
DId you guys ever watch this show? Yella, he was just magnificent!

This will get your mojo going, the dogs are amazing! The look of intense concentration on these dogs, they love to train:

Around 2:13 above you will see the7 trainers and their dogs who were "top of the game" during the years I went to all of these. I was a big Chris Akin/Boomer fan.

I don't duck hunt or anything.  It was the sheer energy, and absolute courage and enthusiasm that these dogs have, and the dedication and hard work of their trainers, that "got me".   Until they moved the Super Retriever Series out of Arkansas i went to these alll the time. 

Part of these championships were the Dock Jumping dogs.   I've met a lot of those champs when they were at top of their game.  Really nice friendly dogs, too. 

Go to 20:39 to see them when they were in Hot Springs.  They all have different "running styles" just like horses, as you can see with "Autumn".(black dog w/female handler) .....she runs fast right before she gets to the end of the dock but is a "slow breaker"   LOL