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Sadler got nailed for Bisphosphonate   Triple Crown

Started May-26 by Wintertrian; 526 views.

From: Wintertrian


So Sadler just got nailed for a test result from Flagstaff back in Sept----sprinter tested + for bisphosphonate and split sample confirmed it.  CHRB have it uncategorized, but is about to move into  Class 3, so not a PED, but good lord, that is a horrible drug.  It turns bones into spider webs but on xrays it makes it look like it strengthens them.  

Not to mention it often causes altered intestinal motility and colic in horses . 

For gods sake this gelding is 6 years old, if his bones aren't strong WHY IS HE EVEN STILL RACING????   How many humans with osteoporosis are being asked to run high level races on dirt or asphalt?  Can we at least treat horses as kindly as we would ourselves  (for a change??) 

""There is no denial of administration," Vienna said of Sadler. "The administration was legal, within the parameters of the FDA approval. The fact that it shows up nine months (into 2020) is just the pharmacology of the substance."


Yeah, it stays in your system like "forever".

(This is why I don't recommend such drugs for osteaoporosis in female humans either but that's all they push.) 

At this point I cannot "root" for RYW.  If he loses Sadler "if it's legal I use it" can fade into the sunset where he belongs for all I care.  I've had it with this crap.  Mandella isn't pulling bisphoshonate positives and his runners manage to race past 3 years old.  

NOW I'm going to have to follow Flagstaff and what happens to him, where he goes, when he dies, and how crippled he might already be with his disintegrating bones.   

Notice also that the complaint was published May 26 2021, the race was back in Sept 27, 2020. (for those of you "waiting" for the Baffert split sample.) 

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From: Wintertrian


2018:  "“I wish we'd never seen these drugs,” said renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Larry Bramlage at the conclusion of a recent presentation about bisphosphonates."

Apparently they also interefere with bones' natural repair processes and bone remodelling.  

Can't provide links as they are not allowed but do your own research.  



From: Oldbettowin


I think it’s probably okay to link to Wikipedia.

I can maybe see giving it to older horses but I can’t imagine why you would give it to a horse that is still racing unless you think they can have a bone break at any moment.  Either that or you just like to experiment.

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From: Wintertrian


Sadler is not clean.  We already know just how crooked and corrupt CHRB is.   He's baffert clone / Baffert redux and I've said this before.  He and his horses should not be acceptable on Belmont card.  

And for the person(s) who say stuff like "0h, it's everywhere" no.  It's not.

The British Horse racing rules:  

"It should be noted that any horse to which therapeutic bisphosphonates are administered under the age of three years and six months will not be qualified to run under the BHA Rules of Racing at any point in its life."

Is Flagstaff on the Belmont understakes card?


From: DogsUp


Flagstaff comes off 2 wins at 7fl. Entered in 6.5 fl dirt race 'The True North'  on Belmont Stakes Saturday card.

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From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

Flagstaff comes off 2 wins at 7fl. Entered in 6.5 fl dirt race 'The True North'  on Belmont Stakes Saturday card.

So we know beyond a doubt that suspensions and drug positives in North American racing don't mean anything at all.  

Why they even bother having rulings and keeping a database on this stuff is baffling.  Why bother? 

Sadler is on suspension for his drug postiives in 2019, In june of 2020 he was placed on suspension til June of 2021.  LOL  


From: DogsUp


I've owned businesses and grew businesses for clients. AS example here now is horse owner.

If a contractor commits a crime/ a criminal execution (trainer) it doesn't mean the business has to cease. And is independent of the contractor.

Owners of horses can move on to other vendors/trainers. 

As said, the tracks honor one another's rule offs; yet the public disseminated data is perhaps not in real time.

Let's see what the data says Saturday. 

I don't know how finite the data requirements and reporting is. Or how quickly it can be changed. The track software also has billing scenario/payable & receiveable requirements.

The trainer has an account. 

All could be data and compliant 'fixed for requirements to race the horse, yet the trainer of record has not been changed for the other necessities in the process of the software functions record. Billing and paying set up.