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Who will be the beneficiary?   Triple Crown

Started Jun-5 by princeofdoc; 606 views.

From: princeofdoc


Baffert gone from the Derby.....

Where will the owners of the best prospects out west direct their colts/fillies now?  Not Sadler, perhaps O'Neill....maybe Callaghan?  Shirreffs?  The Mandellas?  Someone young and unknown?  A woman?  Or will Asmussen have a more active stable there?

Maybe even Jimmy Barnes starts his own stable?

I cannot imagine any of the wealthy patrons continuing with Baffert.....why take a 2 yr. old with promise to him, if the horse will be restricted from running at CD?  And Fairgrounds?  And the BC when it rotates there?

Classier is back on the tab, working fast, by the some 3 yr. olds may stay, if CD is not in their future, but I bet BB may be cutting his rates a bit :)


From: KonaNative


The bettors will benefit from his being banned 


From: DogsUp


The post race drug test results infraction that occurred at Churchill Downs/Kentucky is a $500 fine infraction in California racing.

It took on spectacular proportions (for a couple of days til J Lo and A Rod split up). Bob happens to be the Mr. Hollywood of racing; otherwise if it happened to Mott the story would have brought up.... Bill Mott's Battle Against NY Regulators ...Google it.

New Jersey Monmouth invited Baffert to run horses there.

Friends help friends move furniture.

Real friends help friends move bodies.

Bob's industry personal friends - owners, jockeys, track managements will be there.

The public and casual horses players have a hard time knowing anything but the sitting Prez last name.

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From: Oldbettowin


It’ll be interesting if Cali lets him run horses in the SA Derby next spring.  Will CD find a different race for their points system or just skip over any Baffert horses?  

$500.  What a joke.  He probably has more that that stuck to the bottom of his boots.


From: DogsUp


Cali tracks are not owned by Baffert. So nothing tangentially to get in the way.  

Unless,if,  an individual is ruled off a plant/entire track property; they still can train horses elsewhere.

And tracks like NJ Monmouth/Meadowlands meets want Bob to bring all the horses he can already. Does uproot family life however if he was physically there.

NJ has a Monmouth Park Casino with sports betting to upgrade purse money and boost Jersey breds. Ocean and perhaps drivable by 45% of US population. 

Come on down Bob!

Doubt it. People with good horses can still use Mr. Bob and enter under another trainer's name of care.

Churchill et al is publicly traded.

They have to keep it starched.

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From: smartyslew


The Kentucky State Horse racing commission In The State of Mitch McConnel and his deep pocket

friends will decide this outcome and he has appointed  judges all over the State and most other states, It will be there call. What ever that will be.


From: DogsUp


State racing commissions - ers (appointments and patronage) are under the auspices of their state's law. Not full time state employees for most. The State Steward and two track stewards adjudicate track matters, fines and suspensions.

Independent in every way. 

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From: smartyslew


I was listening to some other experts talking about the way King Mitch McConnel of Kentucky

influences his State. I don't know what side he is on, but he's the go to guy. For years Kentucky

horseman hated Baffert for coming to their horse sales and purchasing horses and then beating the crap out of them in the tc trails with Kentucky Breds, a few of them liked Baffert and he trained horses for them to. I have no idea where McConnel stands on this , but he will be an adviser and What Churchill Downs says could mean nothing or Baffert could get everything thrown at him.


From: DogsUp


Churchill/The Derby provider organization really hates getting this dumped into their public image basket. Yet the public has moved on for this year and awaits the birth of the Prince's 2nd child. And all the new different news stuff good, bad and catastrophic. Austensibly the public doesn't give a hoot. And the generation lost to video crack runs amuck as everything is a scam. 

A DQ has to happen to satisfy the many stake holders and somewhat the public. But next year's once a year Derbettors,some, will wonder if there is a scam in the jam.  

But as they say, it's the only game in town.

Can't stop Bob from buying horses.

Contract with owners who use other trainers.

Bob wasn't found in a barn on Derby day searching for a horse vain. With a bag of coke.

The Church people recognize what a black eye they got and the industry at large due to this diminmus non direct not purposeful drug overage  

I'm sure Dogs won't find Bob valet parking my Jeep at Saratoga or outside selling sheets. ¹

Hoofnote: Actually cheep and free parking is on off-street or on private property.

¹ Monmouth wants him to upgrade the quality quantity and caliber in their barns. 

Bob rarely really runs much except the big grade races on the east coast. 

He'll contest length of suspension for a roll back of time.

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From: princeofdoc


In terms of a scam, most regular bettors are far more suspicious of final odds than of crooked trainers....the fact that EQ was 9-5 at break, and then 6-5 at the finish, brings much doubt into the sport of racing.....