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Every horse except France Go de Ina   Triple Crown

Started Jun-6 by Wintertrian; 1149 views.

From: Wintertrian


...had inflammation and were racing on bute in the Belmont Stakes (shot up 48 hours out).

U.S. racegoers might ask: why do horses in other racing jurisdictions not need drugs to be able to race?

Why do they not need bisphosphonates like were given to Flagstaff, who is way too young to be receiving drugs for osteoporosis and bone brittleness.


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From: Wintertrian


If you followed the vet records all week,  you would also see that Every horse in the race EXCEPT France Go de Ina also needed IV fluids or electrolytes for "mild dehydration" or "history of eiph":

Now I understand why the director of Old Friends said they often get ex racers who do not even have one "good vein" left in their bodies by which to administer necesssary medical injections to rehabilitate them and restore them to health.  

Explain to me how this isn't animal cruelty.  



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From: Wintertrian


To which a few people said to me "that's why France Go de Ina didn't do well"

To which I said:  You need to have a level playing field to make comparisons.  Lasix free, etc. horses who have never been on a lot of drugs to begin with. 

Send the Belmont horses across the pond to race against Fabre, O'Brien, Appleby, Gosden and Stoute's drug-free long distance routers ---- and then we can talk.     


From: princeofdoc


Animal cruelty is part of American bad as racing horses with inflammation may be, it doesn't compare to what happens to cows, pigs and chickens on factory farms


From: ChiefsCrown


What happens here in animal factory's is appaling but doesn't compare to what the Chinese do at their "wet markets" I still could never work in a place like a slaughterhouse.

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From: Wintertrian


"What happens here in animal factory's is appaling but doesn't compare to what the Chinese do at their "wet markets"

 "it doesn't compare to what happens to cows, pigs and chickens on factory farms"


Sheesh.  Are you guys doing some sort of "comparative morality" and "comparative cruelty"  here?  Which somehow excuses and justifies how we conduct horse racing in this country?      

Those converstations have no place in what I am talking about........unless of course,  you tell your kid when they do something wrong:    "Oh well Billy next door did worse things at school than you did'

Back on topic, please.  Yes, cruelty is part of every culture.  Choosing to condone it or voluntarily participate in it does nothing to improve that.  

I think everyone here understands the usefulness of prescriptive ethics.  Raising awareness and working for change allows us to take moral knowledge and put it into practice regarding how we should act. 

If you guys wish to play comparative ethics then you need to stick with apples to apples:   How do the practices and behaviors in U.S. racing compare with racing in other more exemplary jurisdictions in the rest of the world? 

princeofdoc said...

as bad as racing horses with inflammation may be,

Way to miss the point.   All athletes have a certain amount of inflammation.  I know that from being one myself in my younger days.   However, when I have an injury or an abnormal level of inflammation, my doctors do not prescribe that I go out and participate in "olympic level" training or athetics.  They prescribe rest, ice, and NSAIDs.   You don't "cover it up" with pharmaceuticals so you can continue to abuse your body by engaging in high level athletics.  You wait til you are *well* and then you go back to it.  

Perhaps look at how they treat bleeders and such in Hong Kong (no racing for at least 1 month, then allowed to return and if that doesnt' work then they are ruled off the track as not fit to be racehorses....they are placed into other careers instead)  .  Perhaps look at why France Go de Ina wasn't shot up with pharmaceuticals in order to compete.  Perhaps read the British regulations about giving horses bisphosphonates before the age of 3 years 6 months (ruled off the track for life).   Read how Cricket Head and others like her train and take care of racers.

These are behaviors that mitgate "cruelty" . 


SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Well said & 100% on the money.


From: princeofdoc


Way to misread OUR comments......

We were simply responding to your comment about how it was animal suggesting cruelty toward animals that goes on every day, everywhere.  It's completely on topic.

In no place did we suggest that what was happening to thoroughbred race horses was excusable or justifiable...



From: Gerh


Don’t think Winter misread your comments.


From: smartyslew


Winter said or asked;  "Explain to me how this isn't animal cruelty.  "

I think you missed the point and the topic

We are suppose to take care of  our T'breds not compare them to Slaughterhouses

where animals are on the chopping block and some torture them, We aren't talking dog

fighting or Cock fighting or comparing to other brutal things that go on.

We are talking legal maintenance and legal vet procedures not being followed.

Animal Cruelty should not be in this culture weed them out and weed it out

of all indudtries.