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Baffert's horses   Triple Crown

Started Jun-27 by princeofdoc; 715 views.
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From: princeofdoc


Looks like Du Jour was transferred from BB to Mott the beginning of June.....and is entered today in the Belmont Derby, and I like him a lot here.

Most interesting is that Natalie Baffert is still the owner!  So, when push comes to shove, when looking for a good trainer, Baffert themselves turn to Mott!

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From: Wintertrian


I hear Baffert got a judge to give him permission to stink up the place at Saratoga. 

I also heard that NYRA can follow certain procedures to exclude any trainer.......why don't they meet with him and tell him he can't race at their tracks?  KHRC hasn't done anything about it either so I guess those decisions hang in the balance?  

I doubt Baffert will even bring any horses to Saratoga anyway, so there's that.  

In other news, looks like McPeek is off to an unfortunate start:

I just remember being in dog rescue and the word "parvo" would literally put out waves of fear --- of course parvo is usually fatal though....

Wishing Mr. McPeek the best of luck   He isn't one who lasix's the heck out of his young horses, and I appreciate him for that. 

I don't play SAR but I like to look at the horses......anywhere, any time.  :)  


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From: princeofdoc


Savile Row is finally racing on Sat. at Del Mar.....looks like he is still with Baffert, ridden by van Dyke