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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 345902 views.

From: smartyslew


Pool 6 futures chart info :3/31/ 2 pm E.

odds of interest

#9 Derma Sotogake 10-1

13 Fort Bragg  99-1
14 Forte 2-1 
21 KingsBarn 11-1

26 Practical Move 20-1

27 Raise Cain b 99-1
28 Red Route One 22-1
29 Reincarnate   19-1
30 Rocket Can  55-1
35 Tapit Trice  9-1

40 All Others  24-1



From: smartyslew


Arkansas Derby
Derby Pts,  Future M/L , lasix
2LBourbon Bash    5 pts      99-1
Interlock Empire            15f         All Lasix
2LHarlocap                         15 f
3LTwo Eagles River 0 pts   99-1
3LAirtime                             15f        Last 3 L
*2LAngel Of Empire  54 pts   30-1
Rocket Can          40 pts   30-1    L free
Reincarnate         15 pts   20-1   L free
3LKing Russell                     15f    last 3 L
Red Route One    33 pts    25-1   L free
L Kolomio  T                          15-1 last L
* 2 yr old races
Back Speed:98 Rocket Can 98 Reincarnate 97 Angel of Empire 96L Two Eagles River 93L Harlocap 89L Airtime 88L Bourbon Bash 88 Red Route One 86Interlock Empire 80 LKing Russell NA Kolomio 
Early last: 
109 Harlocap 100 Angel of Empire 96 Rocket Can 95 Airtime 94 Bourbon Bash 86 *Reincarnate 85 Two Eagles River 82 Kolomio 75 King Russell 70Interlock Empire 68 Red Route One: * Slop & stop
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From: smartyslew


Oaklawn Park - Saturday, April 1st, 2023
STAKES. 1 1/8 Mile Dirt. Purse $1,250,000. Arkansas Derby (Grade 1). THREE YEAR OLDS. (06:24 PM) (11)
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey Trainer
1 Bourbon Bash       24.65, 47.19  11.97 38.32  45.41 Last q 26.76 8.5F SYs g2 3 C 119 Gutierrez Reylu Lukas D. Wayne
2 Interlock Empire 25.58  49.62    13.22 25.92 38.52  Last Q 25.30 8f  MSWL 3 C 119 Cabrera David McPeek Kenneth G.
3 Harlocap              23.44  48.00   12.21  39.03  53.37Last Q 31.16 9f  g2  3 C 119 Santana, Jr. Ricardo Asmussen Steven M.
4 Two Eagles River 23.36 47.94   12.68  24.94  37.10 Last Q 24.42 8f oc L 3 G 119 Juarez Nik Hartman Chris A.
5 Airtime                23.56   47.11  12.28  38.56  44.97 Last Q  26.15 8.5f oc L 3 C 119 Torres Cristian A. Diodoro Robertino
6 Angel Of Empire 24.57  48.63  13.05  38.63  51.47 Last Q 25.43 9f  g2 3 C 122 Prat Flavien Cox Brad H.
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From: TexSquared


As of Friday night/Saturday morning (2am ET) SIXTEEN horses are at 99-1 (or longer) odds. 

Forte is the heavy favorite at 5-2, Kingsbarns are Derma Sotogake are 10-1 followed by Tapit Trice at 11-1.  So if you want to toss these 4 short odds horses...

Also if it's useful, free PPs for all of today (Saturday)'s graded stakes here:



From: smartyslew


Ark DERBY       

Final Q 25.40 or faster Qualifiers.:

9f races : zero, nobody Angel Of Empire closest 25.43 could be a big deal going forward g2 WON  2nd 9f win in a row 2-2 1.49.68
8.5f  Red Route One 25.37 g2 slop, King Russell 25.31 MDN Lasix- 2ND Place 1.50.53
8f :  Two eagles River 24.42 Lasix OC,    Interlock Empire 25.30 Lasix MSW
Kolomio :  Turf 120 ft runup 8f Lasix 23.73
I don't know if anybody has talked about the horses that finished behind Forte in his races, I think its worth a look

how they did in other races and where they fit in this crop.


From: smartyslew


Thanks for the update,

I will be looking for Lasix free horses first for the Win and Exactas and Can't leave some of those that have raced With Lasix

off the Ticket. I suggest Looking for those type in Graded races and how many races since last used Lasix

last year the top trainers using Lasix did so in 2 races only during the TC series and many last race using Lasix

was 2 races back or further on Derby day.  Suggest looking for 12's time in 1/8 splits or 24 in Quarter splits .

I still use 25.40 or faster Last Quarter time ,except for the speed balls, Mrp, fappiano, Api, Tapit, Nor Dancer, Into Mischief, Seattle Slew, Uncle Mo
sire and Sire Line Combos, a Nor Dancer/ Bold ruler, S Slew, Api, Tapit Nicks Combination Sire or BMS lines have Never Won, the Derby
Look for lines of the dam of Nor Dan 2d Natalma  and Dam of Secretariat 2s Something Royal , the more crosses the better.

I'm not a Paid Capper and this is Just my Hobby I love doing, to try to help others and if you don't like my style put me on ignore
and I'm not twisting anybody's Arm to use my Data its on your Choice to use.




From: smartyslew


For future Exacta players: How many horses do you box in a 40 horse field for $1 per horse

depending on the total ML odds for a 8 horse field some will box up to 6 horses and that is 75 % of the field

thats 30 entrants for this field, 10 % is 4 entrants,  20 % 8 entrants, You can wheel 1 horse over all for $39.

Would a $200 for the Win player  play a 14 horse  exacta box for a dollar that costs $182 dollars including the field #40

That Covers 35 % of the field using the 40 betting choices and all other 3 yr olds  not listed last I looked is 21-1.

How would a punter like that weigh his choices ?
$5 wheel on top x 39 = $195 + $5 on a win 99-1 display actual $155 to 1,  Is this wild and crazy or ok within a players purse realm.




I did Forte SM over those two plus PM and Field.  Also did a couple Forte over SM & Field.  I can't believe by waiting I was able to get SM at 130-1 versus 93-1 in FP4.  Not expecting it, but it was worth a shot.  Runs next week, BB jr horses are showing up for the most part.  Field gets one today so there is a chance there.


From: Wintertrian


Anyone know what is going on with Arctic Arrogrance, any races planned, still on the trail or what?


From: Gerh


Worked on 3/31.I saw somewhere that he was probable for the Wood