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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 346051 views.

From: smartyslew



Edit How the angls did Lone E8 wired the field Arabian, Lone S OTm Skinner
Lasix Free Arabian WON , Slow Do, wn Andy 3rd ,Stilleto Boy DNF. Defunded 6th 2nd place Geaux one only L tace 4 back
Stilleto Boy 4th Used L 3-4 back..... Speed Last race top 3 List 2nd Arabian Knight Won, 3rd Geaux 2nd hit exacta
Prime Power Top 3 : 1st ARabian WON, 2nd Defunded 6th 3rd Geaux 2nd Place Not bad
Best Speed at Distance. all 3 OTM...............Ave race rating best Stilleto Boy 121 DNF,Arabian 119 WON, Geaux 119 2nd Tripoli 119-OTM
Horse style E8 Arabian  win, Geaux EP5, 2nd , Andy Ep5 3rd, Senor Buscador P 4th pl.
Winner was on the lead at the mile mark. I marked the angles below the PP's

10th Race- Del Mar - Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

STAKES. 1 1/4 Mile Dirt. Purse $1,000,000. FanDuel Racing Pacific Classic S. (Grade 1). FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD 3 yr olds 118 others 124, 11 entrants, Par speed 105 Bris
only one E #9 Arabian Knight E8,only one S #11 Skinner S2
Lasix free :3 Stilletto Boy,#5 Defunded, 7 Slow Down Andy,9 Arabian Knight, 
Lasix last race : #1 4 back, #2- 2 thru 7 back, #4 4 back, #6 2-5, # 8 3-4,#10 Last,#11 4 back
Defunded favorite 5 of last 6 races....  6 th place
Speed last race 8 Senor Buscador 103 7 Slow Down Andy 101 1 Geaux Rocket Ride 100... Prime Power : 9 Arabian Knight 150.8 5 Defunded 150.7 1 Geaux Rocket Ride 144.2
-Best Speed at Distance :  4 Tripoli 108 5 Defunded 103 3 Stilleto Boy 101
Ave race rating ;Stilletto boy 121, Geaux Rocket Ride 119, Tripoli 119, Arabian Knight 119
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey Trainer                       runup last ft
1 Geaux Rocket Ride EP5 3 C 118 Smith Mike E. Mandella Richard E.5-2  56
2 Katonah p5 Scratch 4 G 124 Fresu Antonio O'Neill Doug F. 20-1-----
3 Stilleto Boy EP5 5 G 124 Desormeaux Kent J. Moger, Jr. Ed  8-1             45
4 Tripoli P3 6 H 124
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  • Edited September 3, 2023 6:11 pm  by  smartyslew

From: smartyslew


I will be looking for value in the PC and 1 wilted it down to 5 horses  and I'll put in
a win bet if I  get the odds Im looking for the same for exacta  and tri.

the 5 are Stilleto Boy, Defunded,Geaux  Rocket Ride 2nd , Arabian Knight WON, Slow Down Andy 3rd TRI if U played these 3

I might mix Tripoli in my tri if I don'y like the odds. EDIT Odds were to low to play

Let me know if this helped anybody

  • Edited September 3, 2023 6:15 pm  by  smartyslew

From: princeofdoc


Well, you had the tri....don't know if you played it.  It actually paid quite well given the odds....


From: smartyslew


The tri came in and I didn't play anything the odds were light.
I was thinking higher odds for Defunded he has a great pedigree and as a 4 year old
that is probably out of his hands and Someone told me he has had numerous Vet Scratches

that I didn't know about and from somebody I have respect for and to many Red Flag Issues

in the nick of time.
That left me with 4 horses  and the odds were not playable to choose from.

Do you  know anything about Defunded issues ?

  • Edited September 3, 2023 2:07 pm  by  smartyslew

From: smartyslew


From message 45 7/25/21 this thread Pre coucious  2 yr olds How many are still around the list
for anybody interested in doing re  search how many of these 4 yr olds are still around. Gunite still is.


2 yo's that raced to 7/26/21 of interest (update from 7/19 )
to see who progress  to make the Derby field. This early its
Hard to identify the Cheap Speed(precarious) in 5f and 5.5f MSW and separate
them until they stretch out to be 2 turn candidates, its no biggy not to 
have one thats raced once or twice on the list this early imo. theres always next time.
May is a long way off.
Big City Lights  E 102
Bourbon Heist
C My Meister (T )
Coinage (NY) RF
Costa Terra
Dance Code >
Grafton Street RF (T)
Gunite (speed)   E 89
Docter Jeff RF-Natalma, 12f type   E 91
Heat Merchant (aw)
Headline Report >   E90
High Oak
Hope In Him
In Due Time
James ALoysius
Lenny K (aw)sprinter- 3 yo
Midnight Worker
Nakatomi   E 103
One Timer   E 100
Ottoman Empire RF>
Portfolio Company (T)
Stolen base (sprinter)
Ten Gauge
Thirsty Always (Cal)  E 90
Winging It
Wit   E 100

From: smartyslew


Race 10 9/4/23 The Hopeful Stakes for 2 yr olds G1 7f
EDIT I did not see Nutella Fella  54-1 coming. LOL

EDIT: I didn't see that Nutella Fella coming and he blew up the scoreboard. In 6th place with 1 furlong to go

Most of the field faded down the stretch. WIN $111.00,  Last Furlong 13.35 for the win.
This suggests the Field wasn't fit to run 7f or the track was real slow or all cheap speed.
stay tuned for their next race.

5 entrants racing today from my 2 yr old list : **X on our list 1-5-6-7-10, 7 scratch
Field is Lasix Free.. I might bet a exacta box 3 horses 1-6-10, Trifecta play 1-5-6-10
 Baffert Scratched the Favorite #7 Muth, Playing his other #4 Mission Beach
 10 Saratoga - Monday, September 4th, 2023
STAKES. 7 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $300,000. Hopeful S. (Grade 1). FOR TWO YEAR OLDS. Non-Lasix race pursuant to 4043.2 (7)(e)(5) Lasix not permitted within 48 hours of post time. By subscription of $300 each which should accompany the nomination; $1,500 to pass the entry box and an additional $1,500 to start. For horsesnot originally nominated, a supplemental payment of $1,500 in addition to the entry and starting fees) may be made at any time prior to the closing of entries. The purse to be divided 55% to the winner, 20% to second, 12% to third, 6% to fourth, 4% to fifth and 3% divided equally amongst the remaining finishers. Weight 122 lbs. Non-winners of a race other than maiden allowed 2 lbs; maidens allowed 4 lbs. A trophy will be presented to the winning owner, trainer and jockey. Closed Saturday, August 19, 2023with 26 Nominations. (05:44 PM) (11)
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey Trainer
1X** Just Steel  10-1  23Aug Sar tr.t 4f ft :47«^ 2 C 120 Rosario Joel Lukas D. Wayne  E5
2 Yo Yo Candy 20-1 2 C 122 Castillo Angel Velazquez Dan EP6
3 Nutella Fella  30-1 2 C 120 Alvarado Junior Contessa Gary C. P6
4 Mission Beach 10-1 2 C 120 Velazquez John R.
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  • Edited September 7, 2023 3:13 pm  by  smartyslew
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From: smartyslew


Yeah, what away to get a laugh, crying all the way to the ATM Machine. Its Criminal

Msg 1770.2479 deleted

From: smartyslew


What happened to saffie

Congrats on the pick 5 Plus

  • Edited September 4, 2023 7:42 pm  by  smartyslew