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2021 2 year olds   Handicapping

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 114287 views.



Didn’t see the Juvy filly turf, but seems like the ones with the trip got the money. The chart looked like a blanket finish.




Had the exacta coming into the stretch, as usually , my horse got nipped at the wire by not one, but two horses..  Picks finished 3rd 4th, 5th officially, 4th, 5th, 6th actually.(juv turf)

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So here is a question.  Can CD still put Corniche on the future bet or will he be banned from that?  I can see them putting him on there.  And then what do you do with the sire future if they ban him, you could bet the sire in case they move to another trainier.  Not sure when they are considered under BB for next year Derby.

That distaff race was reminiscent of Derbys prior to the point races.  Speed horse tearing it up early and producing boxcar results.  Unlike the Classic which was like the recent Derbys were it was mostly a conveyor belt.


From: smartyslew


I Like that well hidden elite pedigree up the middle like that. 1x galore(La Troienne Conduit)

3rd in The Bc Juvenile coming out of a Maiden Race.

William Hill came out with their 2022 Kentucky Derby odds and I couldn't find him.

8 horses finished behind him and most of them are listed ahead of him.
 Needs some gate work and should be competitive.
Corniche 1x and Essential Quality 1x have there 1x in front easy to find



From: smartyslew


Yes my darts didn't work. The classic bred ones I liked didn't do good.
That whole field could have future Winners at varying distances, the crops 
are getting better bred IMO. And growing smaller.


From: DogsUp


Baffert would be the trainer of record for the races/colt with denied points.


From: smartyslew


Juvenile BC Beyers with time form numbers
Corniche         91     (113)  timeform
Echo Zulu     94      (114)
Twilight Gleaming    84    (106)
Modern Games        87     104)
Pizza Bianca          79     (07)
3 of last 4  BC Juvenile winners Have 1x Conduit La Troienne in their tail female family
Corniche, Essential Quality, Game Winner.
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From: princeofdoc


I think that the owners are confident BB will win on appeal.....and that he as trainer will be permitted to gain points come the meaningful preps.  I can't see it any other way....why would they gamble on their stable of such talented colts?!?

Will CD offer the colt in their futures?  We'll probably know before Pool #1 whether BB is banned or not.  WH and Circa will certainly list his colts in their futures, and the bet will still be in action regardless of who the trainer is.  IF BB gets banned, there will certainly be enough time to ship the horses to Todd or others in time for the preps


From: Plus2lbs


Kudos to you Smarty...sincerely..

Ebb and flow of the evolution of the breed..the ability to cover your bases...

What about Corniche in the Pegasus..

That be some horse race..

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From: smartyslew


Thank You Plus, That means a lot to me to have somebody That understands what i'm

doing ,evolution to our Window of time, that over laps with other Windows of time of the past and

future . A tidbit linebreeding (2 or more lines in a Pedigree) females Something Royal, Aspidstra,

Narrate, La Troienne, Mumtaz Begum, For the derby Winner in 8 generation Female only
Linebreeding with a strong Female to young to have 2 progeny in a pedigree.

Like Leslies Lady strong breeding to Storm Cat Line or Rasmussen Factor like

Narrate 2f in Justify's great  Pedigree IMO.