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Breeders Cup    Breeders' Cup

Started Oct-20 by DogsUp; 2325 views.

From: DogsUp


Art Collector jocked by Saez in Woodward beating always wide running Maxfield with Jose Ortiz aboard.

Saez is Essential Quality jock and will ride him in BCC.

Art Collector will get new jock for BCC and today is the Delta horse.

Depending on jock. Should come from NYRA colony.

Added...wrong about that..California's home boy Mike Smith jock.

Oh...oh...Dogs ranking now is as prolific artist of nearly 2 yrs. 

Colt juvenile event pick still G1er Corniche and 2nd runner to him Pa Pa-s got a brand new bag (underneath) ran 2nd  in America Pharoah at 2021/ on same  track surface as BC events..Del Mar.

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From: DogsUp


Derby results will be DQ winner placed last. Move remainder up a notcho. Mostly: most trainers do not want nightly sweats that the precident will befall them.

Baffert fined. Throw in some taco sauce adjudications.

Hot sauce is Baffert will not sue following evidence of 2nd sample corrupted by charging prosecutor party; Ky racing authority.

As all wait for the gate to open and the Taco Bell to ring releasing the 2022 gate opening first Saturday in May.

My Old Kentucky Moan. 

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From: DogsUp


BC peeps and friend of Baffert as well as  President of Del Mar had only nothing to gain taking a boycott Bob stance position of getting involved and potentially caught in the undertow of Derby Vips actions; whereas attempting to stay away from adjudication simple Derby outcome. Unintentional admin of horse ointment.

One and done vs crushing the daily work of many for their daily bread.

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From: princeofdoc


I agree with you on Corniche.....could be Baffert's best.  Huge advantage in Del Mar as home, quirky track that favors those with experience there.  Doubt east coasters will be able to compete with him.

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From: DogsUp


Yes. It's not just you. 

Causal and dyed in the wool horse players are acquesing from the sport/game/fill in the blank.

OTBs are empty and the few daily DRF paper copies available daily at sale outposts go unhandicapped.

Sports betting is now live available at a casino near you.

Lots of help from Churchill Downs'  2 minute special public  interest race. Whereas controlling and assigning their race course Derby entrance conditions to other operating businesses provided a blow up the Bob Baffert DQ and capsize of racing on many levels and stake holders. 


From: DogsUp


Corniche has the best proven early speed that will keep him out front bar any broke in a tangle/bump.

Both Mike Smith + Corney have a speedy 5 1/2 fl and 1 1/16th 'G1' atop the BCup host track Del Mar.

Mike should likely run a 23.3; 45.4, 112 (rated + resting to this pole, as field cuts into the length(s) out, 7 @ 123.3, mile 137, press to mile 1/16 @ 142.2.

Mike will be running a rear view mirror look strategy beginning at the turn.

Or although; this not Derby distance...a ride like BAFFERT/SMITH strategy on Bodiemeister as runner up in I'll Have Another Derby.

Dogs had an eye on OCTANE. Not in Juvey boys.

Derby video

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From: DogsUp


Absolute even money the handle for BCup will be down from non covid precedent years..

Besides the industry becoming like a take-off of a similar movie + title; they've become the 'Gang that couldn't run straight."

And this includes the 2 DQ Derbys; aa well as recent criminal charges against prominent owners, many tracks.

Sports betting in casinos in multiple states now have betting as well as within US digital sports betting.

Actually the casino players support many tracks provisional purses.

Fatiguing, tiring not much passion any more for..the game.

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From: DogsUp


2 obvious horses mentioned Art Collector/Classic and Corney/JV boys and Del Mar track conditions presently discussed by their rider Mike Smith

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From: inforadime


I’ll take that bet / handle will be record /that’s a lock we all know that /real ?looking back at DogsUp Breeders Cup 2017 Del Mar forum 56 posts / this is 9th  post over/ under 56 -I say < but BC 2017 provided over half 10/1 winners we’ll see 6 figures on pick 5 that may carry all the way to Saturday mandatory pay out—— now that’s a bet


From: DogsUp


Yes I would have liked to have one of those 2017 mega $ payouts.

Remember it...didn't have it.