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Long shots   Breeders' Cup

Started Nov-4 by Northof64; 877 views.

From: Northof64


Well another year of no OTB's open in Wisconsin anywhere.  The casinos are open but not the OTB. Really?  What a crock of..... Last year I went to Vegas to enjoy it but not this year.  Thought about driving to Minneapolis or Rockford but have decided to just not bet this year.  However I did some cappin and will play some fake money to see what might have been. I usually bet a $10 win, $4-3 horse exacta box and a $1-3 horse tri box for a total of $40 a race.  I will not list all the bets but just wanted to post a long shot that I would have included.  There are 4 races I would have passed on.

Juvie turf sprint - Time to Party

Juvie fillies turf - Haughty

Juvie - Oviatt Class

Juvie turf - Stolen Base

Turf sprint - Arrest me Red

Filly Mare turf - Going to Vegas

Mile - Got Stormy

Distaff - Private Mission

Turf - Yibir

Classic - Art Collector but may switch to Max Player

Hope none of them hit if you know what I mean :)

Good luck to all!!!





Longshots: Forgive the obvious MTR bias :-) 

Juvie Fillies Turf - Koala Princess

Juvie C&G - Slipstream

Sprint - Snapper Sinclair

Mile - Hit The Road

Classic - Max Player

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From: DogsUp


All.. With highly likely early speed; contentious to the mile number say under 36, (148+ 9 fl) what early horses need and closers need to get the job done IMO does not fit Max Player at all.

This is as very fine mix of Classic runners in many years.

Art Collector was ridden by Saez in last and knew how to beat his mount for BC Classic at 9 fl last race.  EQ.

EQ seems a tiring horse at the wrong time of $6 mil race. And will run wide.




Only two possible double digit W bets I might make will be Twilight Jet and Rockemporer.  Might play trippoli in some horizontal but no W money

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From: pianot


Well I think Max plays. Not sure a win but itm.

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From: ChiefsCrown


I looked at Max in this race. He's seemed to use early speed his last 2 races but being in the 9 hole and outside of Medina he doesn't possess the speed to outrun MS. I just think he goes wide early and gets shuffled back in the pack.

Have to box any wager in this race as it looks like toss up for the trifecta.

Going with EQ /AC /Tripoli for a box tri.

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From: DogsUp


Good day...

My comments above on Max are nearly the same as Dogs wrote in his BC thread about EQ. 

The early fractions and to the mile much too fast by proven high caliber runners (that will use as a strategy no less) for what both MP and EQ need to get into and sustain a run for win.

Yet I say, I would obey, and bet as to anyone who picked up my cigar tab and Jeep payment.

Enjoy the's and racing (d)

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From: Pedigreestar


Fillies and Mares Turf Race 13/8 F is surely going to be upset. As Pedigree Star Analysis Going to Vegas  can  Upset. Ocean Road can place.  

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From: Northof64


Hit 1 of my 4 exactas so far. It was the juvie. None of the long shots came in but had pappa with oviatt and the fav in my boxes. That puts me down a hundy so far of monopoly money. Good luck today!!! North