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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 58432 views.
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From: DogsUp


Attorney for Baffert Robertson said the betamethasone in an !" "injection" is betamethasone (Acetate), while the betamethasone in the topical ointment is betamethasone (Valerate). He said Kentucky's racing rules only regulate betamethasone acetate.

In 2022 we have an Even money prop: An ID of a medication Not injected and upon 2nd sample test found to not be included in race day exclusions.

3.5/1 Baff. 3 y o runners - Owners with Bobby guidance send them to hand picked trainers for mega Derby point races.

IF Bet...Baff not in Derby as named trainer...Bob loads up the Preakness.  Pimlico tosses pp of using 5 local horses to fill fourteen field 

Belmont Stakes..If..Bob ruled out and ruled off...He's the split camera sports announcer: ' couple of day as expert paid more than the Triple Crown trainer's split."


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From: DogsUp


Big stage handicapping contest players want Baffert to make them whole for their loses on several occasions.

Odds: PFat Chance


From: ChiefsCrown


Dogs....Have healthy and prosperous 2022!

Happy New Year to ALL the posters on this site!


From: smartyslew


I predict :I predict Dogs Up will tout Worst Read Sanchez for 2022  derby.

Wonderful Wonder Women Wendy's Crystal Ball says so !


From: DogsUpWired


Hi Smarty..You did predict what I already predicted...I already crystal ball predicted  Derby horses here in above thread on Dec 2..and said. SEE BELOW*

WR Sanchez also is owned and ridden in combo with trainer Duggie who together won two consecutively entered Derbys with I'll Have Another and Nyquist. Even Doug's bro Dennis goes and buys them at auction.

Hoofnote"  Recent poster said KD winners had names which enjoyed sire and mare name. To which I posted last 20 winners' names and it didn't follow suit.  This is one heck of a name to go down in the books.

Reddan -owner owned another worse something or other named horse, about 12 yrs ago.

 Stranger things have happen but what are the chances of same jockey and owner going 3 for 3 in consecutive Der entered wins. Duggie would be in the combo stat; but has had Derby entry not win and not with the Delux combo.

LMAO..and just for fun...fortunately if this colt makes it to the May gate it would be a great story. INSTEAD.. by the end of the day viewers will be inundated with Baffertorture KD drug background (might get cleared though) and everybody will be given a Vet license, Steward and commission license and pharmacology degree 

Here it is

* Dec 2

 crystal dog bowl has me thinking:


Doug O'Neill colt

And scrutiny of a colt that will emerge on the radar list due to the inheritance of a colt that Baffert forfeited.

Long shot jockey Kent D.

And a Japanese entry.


From: smartyslew


I  went right over WR Sanchez at that time, I thought you were using some persons name

and it didn't make sense to me.

Later on when I saw the Horses name and the connections and a Cal Bred

I thought you would tout him as the next Cal Chrome.  After his Win today

with that final Quarter at this juncture I like him better than Nyquist.

WR  Sanchez never connected me to Worst Read Sanchez


From: DogsUpWired


Actually Doug was the trainer back then 14 yrs ago for REDDAN owner of the first of the named bad to worse horses.

In the last 44 years only 4 owners have won 2 Kentucky Derbys. 

I thought it was long ball math odds for *giving them a name.. The California Crew to take a 2nd Derby win and consecutively entered into event; and 1st 2 Derbys.


From: DogsUpWired


Smile Happy is a secret no more as future pool put him on the radar.

Run Happy is his papie. 

Genetic background includes a Dogs fav Maria's Mon.

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From: DogsUpWired


Pappacap DogsUp Delta Derby colt and leading KDY points winner to date; runs Sat. FAIRGROUNDS. (Gun Runner sire = 76 - 99 /PIA - 10 - BQE/HYkE². GR won 218 Pegasus @ Gulfstream Pk 

A 10 point 1st place Derby points win with his 12 [first place in Point Standing] already in the bank would be a 22 total and that number was good enough last year for the 18th slot in the KDY. 



From: princeofdoc


Grinder type, held on for 3rd in a close one at FG.....not really too impressed though, as a cheaper long shot was able to power through them.  Perhaps he'll mature through the winter and improve, but can't see him winning the Derby.  Hard to believe WH and Circa have him at 25 and 30 respectively