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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 50430 views.
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From: DogsUpWired



Attention Doug O'Neill 

Slow Down Andy who beat Messier in last needs goggles and ear muffs. 


Perhaps as Wayne Lukas has done take the colt to a place and have mini crowd make noise and motions. If trying modified equipment does not work prior. 

Your runner, son of Nyquist that Reddan purchased just needs noise issues begone.

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From: DogsUpWired


LAST week ... Holly Bull. As below.

Same FOR Saturday. Sam Davis

My ticket construction last week was Jockey Castellano aboard  a 4/1 running 2nd with fav running third. 

FoR Sammy Davis bet identical...Castellano

1. USE $100* any way WPS. One Horse selection. Minimum $20 in a slot 

BET $100 to Place As I have said no shame in place if fav runs out of first and second. As he did in holly bull.

2. USE $24 for Exacta. Any 

KEY wheel 1st + 2nd Castellano  Castellano/ 6 runners. Then 6/cast

3. USE $60 for Tris. At .50 cent tickets

Key Castellano 1st/ with/with.

Then in 2nd..  With/Castellano/with

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From: DogsUpWired


Last Super Bowl posted a YouTube bio of winning team quarterback Tom Brady. Their opponent KC Chiefs did not score a touchdown. Three field goals. Record low 1.

Public and tv sporstscasters claimed the defending Bowl Champs couldn't possibly lose 

Quarterback for Bengels Joe Cool is the deciding factor after all the comparisons are made at every nook and level.

If I were to show a video it would be Shawshank Redemption the movie .

The lead fiction characterxnamed Andy Dupree is falsely sentenced to prison. Bengals Qarterback represents Dupree 

Here;  guards, Warden and a handful of prisoners represent adversaries who can, will and harm him. RAMS.

Andy manages to rally some prisoners to create an improved quality of life and frame of mind.

He is above all that is a prison.

Pre-hype and the sixty minutes of play, and all real and tinsel distractions; and taking 4 1/2 points...Bengals  Joe ia above all that is this Super Bowl.

Best bet Bengal toe kicks the longest field goal 


From: ChiefsCrown


That's how i see the SB playing out as well. Bengals kicker hits a 40 yarder at the buzzer. Cinci 33, Sheep 31.


From: DogsUpWired


I didn't know and don't follow any of NFL players until playoffs. Just know of Bronk, Brady + KC QB.

Along the way in playoffs ; peeps I know who really bet football went chalk and gave points.

Bengals @ + 4.5...if RAMS had made ,not missed, the point after a touchdown; the game would have still favored Bengals with points for and a A Half point win with points. 


From: ChiefsCrown


Mediocre SB....Bengals are still the Bengals.

On to the Risen Star!


From: DogsUpWired


No Knock Out punch. Purely an ending decision after 60 minutes.

The Risen Star dirt surface will be a factor to consider that week of; and that card.


From: ChiefsCrown


The Star should be a good one! Maybe they'rll be a KD entry from this race


From: DogsUpWired


Did you read that hot rod 'Mattress Mack' lost $10 million S Bowl and most on Bengals straight money line vs taking the 4 1/2 points. TEN!

There's no shame in betting place as the Delta.

You know, when I'm not rested I don't handicap; dig in.

This guy owns a mattress company!

What was he thinking?  Certainly was not rested. He needs a nap. There's a lot less cash under his pillow.

Being emotionally rested and in control is a key in everything including the races.

Nightmares for this dude.

I'll play the Star if I can get a handle on how the surface is running. Horse like Hot Rod Charlie set track record in the Louie Derby this track..and handled many many other surfaces forward.

Yet there have been runners out of this race, then forward on to L Derby winning and hitting the board:Win..  2nd + 3rd  then entering the Derby. The 1st + 2nd  hit boarders in The Louisiana didn't score in the Derby and up late for 2nd behind California Chrome was the 3rd place in Louisiana.

Commanding Curve. With Shawn Brigmohan. 2nd longest in betting.

The 1st + 2nd in Louie were Last and 12th in Derby; Vicars in Trouble Rosie rode and Johnny Vee on Intense Holiday.

Surface change?

A great example of surface is Bourbonic in his Wood last year. I predicted an Over of 1:14 for the six fl.

I never studied under D Wayne Lucas but would say that Pletcher would have wanted a fast track for Bourbonic to get something out of the race to go forward. Yet! Bourbonic was coming off racing on a very slow surface PARX track. It worked.

Stay Thirsty...Xxx..I mean Stay Rested.



From: ChiefsCrown


Mattress Mac must have a large bankroll to lose $10mil and probably not blink an eye. I thought he took the Bengals w/the pts (+4) which if my math is correct he won his bet?

Better luck next year!!!

My wife had the Chrome/Curve exacta that year....betting angle.....she used CC & CC for a $2 dinero exacta! Go figure.

I like Hot Rod in the Dubai World Cup. Think he gets the lead and its over.