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and this one still can't break maiden   Handicapping

Started May-8 by Wintertrian; 385 views.

From: Wintertrian


was on some people's early Derby list (becasue of Saratoga) 

We should talk about the "always a bridesmaid" horses some time, try to figure out why they just can't win.  

One of my "derby angles" is to really look more carefully at the early winners at SAR like Major General and Bourbon Heist.   So many of them fizzle out by the time the Derby comes along.  (yes, i'm serious, I take off points for running at SAR....Major General, Classic Causeway, Rattle N' Roll, High Oak, Ottoman Empire, Volcanic and even Red Run   this year.   I do think they are good for the prep races though) 


From: princeofdoc


Well, the horse has earned a fair amount of $$$ even though not winning :)

I think they rush horses to the races as young 2 year olds, especially at CD in June?!?  Perhaps they aren't given the opportunity to develop slowly, in tune with their growing bodies?  An interesting angle to downgrade the runners at you think it's different for the ones who debut at Del Mar?  Or all horses racing in August or earlier?

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From: Wintertrian


Prince,  Sadly, Bourbon Heist ran 6th in his 9th maiden special weight on Sunday 6/5 at CD 
"Never a threat" says the chart.    HOWEVER, the horse Strobe was very very fast, and Bourbon Heist only lost by 4-1/2 so I think maybe next race he'll get his breakout maiden win.  

I have just been wondering what Wilkes is doing right and wrong with this guy.  He even cut him back in distance a few times.

$100K yearling price and was on the KY Derby Trail at one point, By Practical Joke and family of 2012 Kentucky Oaks winner Believe You Can. 

I just wanted to follow some of the derby trail horses that didn't make the gate. Like him, Varatti, etc.