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Horses deserve a retirement fund   General Discussions

Started Jul-15 by Wintertrian; 751 views.

From: Wintertrian


Edit:   I changed to topic title.  7/29

One whole part of my virtual stable is horses I feel are at risk who I want to keep an eye on who have raced a lot and should have retirement funds for their aftercare.  
If you love horses you should have a few of these.  
Here's one I have, for instance.   12 year old with 103 races. 

Of course often at the crap tracks, (they should just close some of these down, they are like torture places for horses IMHO)  but many times you will see one at a good track, even as in the past, a ky derby entrant from years ago who works their way down thru the claiming ranks, which of course is also an abomination.   (you guys may remember one and now I forgot whom but horse was brought up here, a past member who had some pull was able to try to get a reputable outfit to claim then retire them, do you guys remember that?  Shows that advocacy for horses can work sometimes). 

Horses really do deserve a fund for their retirement.   

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From: Wintertrian


Here's another one I consider "at risk". 
11 years old. 
Has run 119 races.  
Started out with Asmussen at Saratoga way back in July of 2013.  Ran 2nd. 
He has been thru umpteen trainers since then, too many to count.  Some years running 2 races a month.
Last few years, gets about 2 months off. 

He will run as long as he is making somebody a little money I guess?  Lifetime earnings:  only $568,000. 

Horses really do deserve a retirement fund for their aftercare. 


From: pianot


So ma'am, you have a list. Where would go to share ur info to see if some of the retirement spots that exist r following the same group?

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From: Wintertrian


I'm just trying to create "awareness" that we should be pushing for horses like this to HAVE their own retirement fund, for what they do. 

Part of track takeout could provide that.  so when they do go to retirement facility (if they ever make it there) there is a donation readily available for their care, food, and meds.....they earned it. 

As for the rescue groups, that's up to the "suits" and vets at each track.   Every track should have an aftercare program/group who works with the track.   We already know that breeders, (most) trainers, and owners aren't doing it.  So each track has their own contacts, and I am not in the rescue business.   

I don't expect much from mountaineer, penn nat, delta and tracks like that.  I think they should be bulldozed, but I can't fix that, either.  

I just want people to talk about retirement funds and that horses have earned it.   And it's not "part of the conversation" enough when talking about making the sport better.   

Aftercare and talking about it did a lot in the last decade or 2.   You can go to Old Friends and look out onto pastures filled with stakes winners.    The word "aftercare" wasn't really in racing's vocabulary pre-mid 1990s.  

So yeah, we need to put in conversations. 

I keep the list so that if I need to, I CAN call the racing sec at a track and do a little research.  If everyone had a list like this, and just called on 2 horses a year, it would let TPTB know that "we are watching."    It has to be done in numbers.   WE ARE WATCHING YOU.  We are watching you and will call when we see a horse being whipped hard right before they break down.  We are watching you when you a get a slap on the wrist when leaving abuse marks on a horse.   

Naming and Shaming doesn't work because horses end up in dire need and have fallen thru the cracks, and it's sometimes hard to trace "what happened, how did the horse end up in a kill pen?"   But if all racing fans, out of gratitutde, just kept an eye on 1-2 horses, just kinda look after them and what happens to them, the horses would be better off. 

There was one recently that I couldn't even look at 


From: pianot


Ok feel the commitment but no traction doesn't work for me. If its on my list its on to an end. thank you for caring.

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From: Wintertrian


There IS an end.   Awareness.    It's to keep the conversation going about why horses should have retirement earnings from racing.    

When Blowen started Old Friends, the word "aftercare" didn't really exist.  

You have to introduce and implant ideas and put 'em out there, in order for them to take hold, at least, that's my philosophy.  I mean, there is no real plus side to NOT talking about it, is there? :) 


From: pianot


No ma'am talk is fine. Action is other level. As I said appreciate ur discussion on topic. 

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From: Wintertrian


I understand where you're coming from.  I do. 

Look up Creative Plan.  (story which Ray Paulick picked up)  (if you have a strong stomach).  Even a child could have seen that this horse should not be racing.  They have veterinarians there.  Yet this horse lived a tortured life, probably for quite a long time.   He was thankfully euthanized on Feb 11th, by a rehab......after actually running a race on Jan 7th (a race where he had a pre-race examination). He wasn't even vanned off.     In 2022.   Not the dark ages.   Now.  In 2022.   His conditon was too poor to even rehabilitate. 

 Yet, Arizona racing commission took no action against anyone involved in Creative Plan's care during the last months of his life.  And the Stewards said no rules were broken.  

What "action" do you suggest?  Because IF someone were watching this horse, maybe he could have been spared all the torture.    That is an action, isn't it?   

One of the track vets responsible for examing horses requested more help flagging horses who need further scrutiny.   I posted 2 horses who have run over 100 races and are aged.  I AM identifying them.    Publically.  

The kind of "action" you speak of would require nothing short of that we get that track closed down.   Beause no horse wiht the kind of suspensory issues Creative Plan had, should be running in races.  They acted like "oh, he's normally like this after a race. "  (how many years did he suffer?  He was only 4 years old!) 

My action is to identify ones I think are in danger of ending up like him. Admittedly, it's limited.   




From: pianot


No I thought u had the answer and  I could follow ur path. Cause I don't really know how to help this but would love to help. Unfortunately, dont know if there is one and that is scary to me. I've horses that needed to get off the track. Look for hunter/jumper folks or associations to donate, but many I'm sure went to processors and the biggest reason I had to get out. Sorry but this is extremely tough subject for me.

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From: Wintertrian


I'm sorry Pianot.  I remember you saying you had horses in racing at one time, and all of us already know that you are a good person just from rubbing elbows with you here.    I am truly sorry if I inadvertantly and unknowingly picked a little at a scab, I understand exactly what you mean. 

I am just trying to do something, although admittedly, it may or may not actually do anything at all, but it makes me feel I'm being a little accountable to a few horses in my stable.   

I only give to 3 orgs every year  1) some type of (vetted)  horse or dog rescue  2) doctors without borders  3) U.S.   National Parks

Again, this wasn't really about abuse it was more about proving that horses deserve a retirement fund for their aftercare (which may include euthanasia) , and that's why the ones I posted have 100+ races to their name.  i.e. to "show they worked for it. "   I should really have titled the topic DIFFERENTLY!

So.........I did.  I changed the title.   I think it's really all I wanted to say anyway.    Retirement funds can include euthanasia, of course, which may prevent some scumbag from trying to avoid that fee?   Just let these horses go into a good sleep instead of going on the meat truck trip.  It will be already paid for.