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"Past posting" of a different kind   Harness Racing

Started Jan-13 by TexSquared; 308 views.

From: TexSquared


Although the guy is in trouble for selling PED's, IMHO I don't think he should be punished for taking advantage of the dealer's negligence.

What's even more amazing is this was an ELECTRONIC craps game.  Which means surely the software shouldn't have allowed bets to be accepted after the virtual dice have been rolled.  Just like how ADW systems don't (or shouldn't) accept bets on a race after the starter has pressed the button to open the starting gate. When security noticed this was happening they should have just shut down the game until whoever provides the gaming software can come in and update it so that doesn't happen.  

If I'm betting (any game) and I notice the system is letting me get away with placing winning bets after the result if known, damn right I'm taking advantage, it's up to the casino to fix it. 

We had a similar glitch here in Canada years ago where the sports lottery had the wrong start times for European soccer matches (probably forgot to adjust for time zone, so games that had say, a 1PM GMT kickoff were set to have a 1PM EST kickoff, meaning 5 hours later) so soccer fans wised up to this and placed bets on games that were already finished.  Too bad so sad for the casino/bookie/lottery, that's their mistake, they should pay out.  

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From: DogsUpWired



Trainer Grasso conspired and colluded with the casino employee. Casino ee allowed Grasso to cheat by virtue of intentional actions: commissions and omission in and of electronically enforcement the 30 second betting window rule.

This is unlike a tbred gate starter who executes starter's button that opens gate and electronically signals the close of apparatus to bet. And it is a faulty signal that allows bets beyond the official closure of bets Off signal; by the starter.


From: TexSquared


I'd say the casino employee is more at fault for 1-recognizing the glitch 2-not reporting it 3-profiting from it (via his co-conspirator Grasso).    If the game was properly programmed this wouldn't even be possible.   I doubt Grasso nor the dealer hacked the game so that he could bet after the roll...

I looked up some videos of how this game works as I've never seen it... here's one:

OK, now I see how it could happen.  I assume the system isn't reading the dice (which are physically rolled, it isn't computer generated) but the result has to be entered by the dealer. So the dice get rolled, the result is seen (say it comes up 12), Grasso puts $100 down on the hard 12, dealer enters 12 as the winner, bam, $3000 profit.  

What's amazing is how long it took for security to notice this was happening as the timing/rhythm of this craps "table" would not look like the others.   But Grasso's win rate would definitely bring up red flags, worse than a blackjack card counter.