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Kentucky Derby 2023 Dogs Derby Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/7/23 by DogsUpWired; 19282 views.

From: smartyslew


Good Super back at you. Pletcher seems to race 1st stringers without Lasix in firsters and Non Point
Races and the ones with Lasix are confusing ,some are firsters and why is that, are they bleeders
or do they need a boost 1st out and in non Point races. I think there should be a rule why are they
using Lasix with firsters and non point races. Lasix is known as a Masking agent and Todd and Cox
Using Lasix the Numbers Jump up a lot and in the next points race w/o Lasix they are still competitive
or win, Others using the same formula in the points races after the Lasix race are not competitive
Why do you think that is ?
This year more trainers are using lasix and the Cox, Pletcher formula.
Pool 4 Pletcher has 4 listed only one Forte is Lasix free, Cox has 7, 3 Lasix free Instant Coffee, Jaces Road, Victory Formation  . Pletcher winters at Palm Meadows and Florida tracks are his home away from New York.
I'm a big fan of Litigate and I hope he doesn't ruin him like so damn many over the years.

Track   Litigate works Date Course Distance Time Note Rank
Palm Beach Downs 2/4/2023 Dirt 4F 48.13 Breezing 1/31
Palm Beach Downs 1/28/2023 Dirt 5F 1:01.45 Breezing 1/12
Palm Beach Downs 1/21/2023 Dirt 4F 49.13
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From: smartyslew


I wasn't sure and not up to date on those rules and I thought maybe it was 

about Baffert sending to other trainers less than 30 days before a race

Msg 2314.15 and the next 6 deleted

From: smartyslew


The Horse. T bred

In North America, furosemide (Lasix) is generally permitted up to four hours prior to post time as a preventive treatment for exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage,or EIPH. The widespread use of furosemide as a race-day medication continues to raise concerns about its performance-enhancing effects and potential as a masking agent Knych said: 

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