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Kentucky Derby 2023 Dogs Derby Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/7/23 by DogsUpWired; 19249 views.
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From: DogsUpWired


With anticipated PP Fav Forte out... Was gauging target on back for other riders @ say 7.5 and mile and ticks++. In front of behind, or side.

Race shapes up where lead early runners (2 or 3) that do get out can give there mounts a little more settle in breather vs full push anticipating late timed run by Irad... He knows when you are sleeping...he knows when you're awake...

So time is not of the essence.

A race riders race. As simple as it is what it is: gauging what's the other jock doing too fast, too slow. Versus running the colt throughout based on PP and experience knowledge.

The most homogenized runner against other with this less than sterling crop/less Forte now becomes Tapit Trice. 

Herewith above is video TT full of testosterone. 

Colt comes out of the gate slow-(ly) in races like he's going to the Dentist.

Then picks-up the pieces..along the way..colt after colt

This race runs over 2 min 2 seconds in time..

Riders race 

Jockeys not paying attention won't know what hit them

Keyed 1, 2nd 3rd in Tris.. obvious want him 3rd

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From: DogsUpWired


Race 9..... 22-1 shot winner.

Jockey JJ Castellano aboard and will have "it in the Derby.  From the 14 gate no less. Closed with distance measurement and timing and placement of horse..

# Eight 8 Derby J J Castellano

He's back..

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From: DogsUpWired


Castellano Exacta numbers look favorable with the known runners.

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