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Rich Strike To Bill Mott   HRN Horse-Races.Net General Discussions

Started May-26 by SameSteve G; 591 views.
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Multiple outlets are reporting that '22 Derby winner, Rich Strike, is being sent to Bill Mott.  This is an excellent move, IMO.  Mott will bring out the best in Richie, as he is known around the barn,

Further, he will now get some R and R in Versailles, KY and a serious sequence of veterinarian checks.

Speaking of Versailles.   When I went for the first time in the 1990s,  I asked about Ver-sigh, using the French pronunciation and what I still believe is the correct pronunciation, when I was looked at like I had two heads and some native of the Commonwealth said, "It's Ver-Sales"  

Hoo boy, said I to myself.  This is going to be interesting, 


From: ChiefsCrown


i read that on the Bloodhorse. The bulb finally went on in the owners head about changing trainers. Thankfully RS is still young enough to win some prominent races (Gr 1).

Couldn't go to a better trainer! Excellent choice IMO!

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From: DogsUpWired


It was a cool crispy night at the Meadowlands NJ thoroughbred meet (actually a robust harness track which raced for most of year). And mega purses for the carts.

Undefeated Seattle Slew TC winner,  then just a loss in Swaps,  stood out like the Statue of Liberty at this greater NY/NJ complex with football stadium, sports area for Devils hockey, NBA and more.

Slew prior to that race, that night, had a public work, under the lights during a card a couple of days earlier.

And it became the night the full back-like running colt lost soundly. His second loss, running second at the Big M .

Trainer Billy Turner lost his job. Slew went forward 2 wins and 2nd in noted G1s and retired.

Doubtful one can name the new trainer without looking it up. 

But Rich Strike is no Seattle Slew.

And the switch of Richie's trainer was about egos over a movie deal between Owner and trainer. The owner ...owns the horse. And would never have to scratch because he couldn't find a trainer.

BTW, the movie 50/1 M T Bird. $10 million to produce. $1 million revenue. 

New Rich Strike trainer Bill Mott great.

But Richie will never win a G1. And likely not hit the board. There are races constructed by track card makers that are written so even Derby winners/G1s can run, usually at 7 fl. Next win. Maybe.

Chip Willy, Bird's trainer was nearly fired before famous Derby win.

Again the Rich Strike move is not about a great colt lacking forward movement with wrong's about leaving one's ego at the door. Trainer wanted movie about his personal story.

Movies today, theatre and cable are beyond extraordinary. Dog-Oh not a movie goer, nor cable TV movies . And this one, the movie, if ever produced, likely will mirror M T B's $9 million cost to make vs $1 ticket sales.


SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


If there is anything to find in RS, Mott will find it.  Personally, I'd also try him on the lawn.  Just from a running style standpoint, he might like it.


From: TexSquared


Mott specializes in older horses on all surfaces.  I agree, if he has the same or better action on the lawn he'd be scary on courses with long stretches like Woodbine or Kentucky Downs.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Mott is not a paint by numbers trainer.  He will experiment to find stuff out.  Not just with Rich Strike but as a part of his process.

He is without a doubt one of the best and among the very, very best at pointing a horse to a race down the road and getting the horse there ready to roll.

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From: DogsUpWired



Rich Strike Off the Board 5 of last six since Kentucky Derby.

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From: Wintertrian


Regardless of what Bill Mott does or doesn't do with Rich Strike, Eric Reed put Rich Strike in the history books.  He won the KY Derby for the connections and will forever have his name as a KY Derby winner. 

I have also watched Sonny Leon's ride at least 15 times now, it was brilliant.   Jockey, horse and trainer all came together at the right time and right place.  

Of course I like Bill Mott though....I have always felt he is best with the fillies though, sort of like Larry Jones always was.  However he's a great trainer and I look forward to what he does with Richie.  who is a really nice horse.  


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