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BC Classic - Saturday R9   Breeders' Cup - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started Oct-28 by Wintertrian; 4959 views.

From: DogsUpWired


Jocks in a box Irad Jr, bro Jose Ortiz, J J and Flav O Flavin.

Win Post before draw 2,5,8.

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From: DogsUpWired


As per thread 2, The Classic is about long horses 3 ¥ears >, Same Weights.

Jocks who display locks in their riding ability are above noted.

Irad Jr outrides Johnny Vee accordingly not included,

Jose Ortiz outrides Mike Smith accordingly not included.

Race Rider Race. The quartet knows each other's pace. 

Home or away on special day with large pay.

They are a must; as they know how each other adjusts.

Link:Past Winners BCC

JJ Castellano, in 2023, is leading in significant G1 long strolls in the parks.

Prat is the Delta best long ball race jockey.

Bros Ortiz, Irad and Jose find their way to the wire and circle. 

Extremely often. 


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SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


One Kentucky Derby horse left in the BC Classic field after the defection of Mage.  It's the Japanese 3 year old Derma Sotogake, who finished 6th in the Derby.

Man, we can't even get 1 US Kentucky Derby horse in the BC Classic this year.  That's weak, very weak.


From: smartyslew


Thats interesting looking at the charts and videos and odds and bumps, bothered,restrained, fades , running straight, intimidation

etc the who did what and trips  , how they did with their odds on a horse I like to look at, and with the chalk., who scratched
who has the most wins at the event and at which track and when I get done the bad weather days don't help
Is this the year for a new jockey Winner that fits his horse like a glove.   

over all and its interesting and i'm back where I started , Doesn't tell me who was fit and ready after all these years

like race day does before the start of the race.  and remembering musical  chairs for the jocks Thanks very interesting
Sharing the way I look at it and use it. How do you use it everybody anything to add.

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From: smartyslew


Yes, I agree with that ,I think you have shown that in the past. Are You using all 4 for the win or only exotics including the picks and doubles.

If we see one of those 4 in the winners circle you have the Winner. I use to box Jv , JJ, rosario in exactas if they had live mounts.

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From: smartyslew


Post Horse Trainer Jockey Odds
1 Arcangelo Jena Antonucci Javier Castellano SCR
2 Zandon Chad Brown Frankie Dettori 12-1
3 White Abarrio * Richard Dutrow Jr. Irad Ortiz Jr. 4-1
4 Missed the Cut John Sadler Luis Saez 30-1
5 Derma Sotogake Hidetaka Otonashi Christophe Lemaire 20-1
6 Saudi Crown Brad Cox Florent Geroux 12-1
7 Clapton Chad Summers Tyler Gaffalione 20-1
8 Ushba Tesoro Noboru Takagi Yuga Kawada 4-1
9 Senor Buscador Todd Fincher Geovanni Franco 30-1
10 Dreamlike Todd Pletcher Jose Ortiz 30-1
11 Bright Future * Todd Pletcher John Velazquez 10-1
12 Arabian Knight * Bob Baffert Flavien Prat 3-1
13 Proxy Mike Stidham Joel Rosario 12-1
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