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Breeders' Cup 2017   Breeders' Cup

Started 9/29/17 by DogsUp; 11937 views.

From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

My first thought this card .... Arrogate ..if in... is more than ready.

That is; Mr. Bob judging who they got'ah beat. 

And can they not only Win BC but be again more than ready for the January 2018 Pegasus with $16'000'000 purse. Enough time to gas up the tank.

Already announced that Arrogate is retiring after the BC.   So there won't be any 2018 for him. 


From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

I also agree that if Arrogate brings his "A" game he should win & he may not even be the favorite.  

His workouts have looked pretty awful (for him) lately?   Oct 10 he just looked bad.   Today was first day he looked sorta okay.  Have you been following?mand watching them?

I am thinking that even a scratch is possible?

He's retiring after this anyway, so I really really hope they are not going to push it if horse is not up to it. .  


Why does it seem that horses who come over from Dubai to race in our big races seem to do fine afterwards, but when we send ours over to the desert there they seem to come back worse for wear?   Seems like that race in Dubai against Gunrunner really took something out of him (granted it was a very tough race) but he won't be the first one to experience that.   I guess it's the drugs?





That's something I need to look at more deeply. I have seen some of our horses do poorly upon return from Dubai. However, Gun Runner has been fine. Who has sent the most horses to Dubai, especially for the Classic? Could it be something specific to their training regimen? Maybe Bob needs to analyze the way he conditions the horses he sends over, specifically after they return.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I watched Arrogate work last week & I wasn't impressed mostly because I thought he was lumbering along - until the very last part when he appeared to smooth out & lengthen stride.

I watched yesterday's work & was impressed but not blown away.  He did a very easy 6f. in 1:13 & change & galloped out to sub-1:40 mile.  He picked it up well when asked & looked good doing it.

I do believe each horse is different in regard to recovery.  Plus, trainers make mistakes as often, or more so, than they get it right.  My opinion, for what's it's worth, is that Baffert erred to much on the side of caution post-Dubai & Arrogate's conditioning (for racing both physically & temperamentally) eroded past a good baseline.  The awful dud he threw in The San Diego is evidence of that.  He looked much better running behind Collected in the Pac Classic.  His works seem to be spiraling up.  I expect him to be competitive in the Classic.

Gun Runner came back gangbusters from Dubai.  Each horse is different.  Gun Runner still looks good but I don't like his chances at 10 f. with Collected in the race.

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From: DogsUp


Arrogate has only 10 races life time. A significant consideration for his record/s ~ accomplishments.  This guy starts to really run at a mile.  Gun Runner turns in a 9 panel in 147+ change.  All the time. I just hope the tongue tie is right for arrogate and he comes out of the Paddock chewing his mouth off. Google Michael Jordan tongue. (d).@


From: zambito


Actually his last work was pretty good. He's a big horse and gobbles ground easier than other horses.  Same pattern that Tiznow took and the doubters paid the prize for not believing. Baffert winning this Cup is about as sure of the Sun coming out in the East. 


From: Gerh


Just saw on Bloodhorse that they have decided to retire Classic Empire.Would have loved to see him race at 4

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From: honneerider


Not shocked at all, just surprised the announcement was not made sooner.

Would have loved to see him in the Pegasus if the classic was out of the question.

Loved him from the start, but a major disappointment


From: Gerh


Poor guy was snake bit.I don’t think he was anywhere near 100% during his 3 year old season but still ran some really good races.At the end of the day I think they are doing the best thing for the horse.

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From: DogsUp


I guess my racing hood has no holes in it to see through. Arrogate will retire after his scheduled  last race in BC Classic. And the Dogs is totally a lost Easter egg on what to make of it for BC Classic considerations?  As in purses: $12 Mil Dubai/ March and $16 Mil Jan 2018 Pegasus that could have been. Perhaps breeding cycle @ stud but the potential of adding $14.5+ million more for those 2 races, beyond the BC classic, his 11th career race to be run. Looks like stud fee will be $150,000 $200,000. 

For real (d)

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