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There is drugging, then DRUGGING   General Discussions

Started 10/27/17 by Wintertrian; 1751 views.

From: Wintertrian


I was upset enough about the lasix shots in the neck.  And knew about other vet drugs.

But morphine and cocaine?  

And these people don't end up in jail?   I don't get it.  $2500 fine is nothing.  People bet that in one day at the track.  


Ruling Date: 10/18/2017 
Jurisdiction: New Jersey Racing Commission 
Facility: Monmouth Park 
Ruling Number: 17-MON-65 
Ruling Type: Medication/Drug Violation - Animal 
Breed: Thoroughbred 
Division: Horse 
Fine Amount: $ 2500 
Fine Paid: N 
Suspension Start: 
Suspension End: 
Ruling Text: A formal hearing was held on October 17, 2017 for trainer Jorge Navarro in connection with a positive test result which was confirmed by split sample for Benzoylecgonine, Cocaine and Morphine for the horse "GEORGE CROSS" who finished first in the 5th race at Monmouth Park on June 17, 2017. Based on the levels of the foreign substances and other investigative evidence obtained by the New Jersey Racing Commission, which includes mitigating circumstances, trainer Jorge Navarro is hereby fined the sum of two thousand five hundred ($2,500.00) dollars. 



From: beachwood


Hi Winter,   Here Is One Quarter Horse Trainer That Got The Max ,Trainer Judd Kearl Suspended For 19 Years And Fined 110,000 $   For Giving His Horses A Drug Called Nomifensine.  Story On Drf


From: TexSquared


That sounds  like the suspension Rick Dutrow is still serving... but how many slaps in the wrist did he get before they finally punished him for real?


From: Gerh


Jamie Ness is another one who should be booted



I wonder what he has Sharp Azteca on, and if the Breeder's Cup is giving him the extra scrutiny he deserves.

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From: Wintertrian


...and  then you have this.   Jockey punches his horse in the stomach and gets a WHOLE 2 weeks suspension.

BAN FOR LIFE is what should happen here.  


This is why horse racing will always be seen as abusive to animals.  Because there is absolutely no punishment for crimes against the horses.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Wintertrian said:

This is why horse racing will always be seen as abusive to animals.  Because there is absolutely no punishment for crimes against the horses.

Not only will it be seen as abusive, it is abusive as long as the abuse continues to occur.  I agree with you that punishment should be so harsh in each case of abuse that the abusers are driven from the sport & new occurrences of abuse will eventually self-extinguish before they occur.  If potential abusers knew they would be out for good, they would think long & hard before allowing themselves to take out their anger on an innocent horse.

The sport should realize that their thirst for new fans is futile as long as the industry sabotages itself by slapping wrists in such cases.   There's a huge segment of horse lovers who will have nothing to do with racing because it is abusive who would be likely candidates to become new fans if the sport cleaned house & all horses were treated impeccably.  


From: Gerh


Looked like he used the butt of the whip as well.This clown should not be allowed near any animal

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From: Wintertrian


Stick a fork in racing will never achieve a good reputation, because none of the abuses ever get solved.  It just goes on and on.


....subpeanoenas being handed out at Parx, more than you can count on 2 hands........BUT OF COURSE,  as bettors and supporters of the game, "we" don't have access to the names.  I believe these are for hidden ownership, putting horses in other's names,  and maybe drugs?

How many times do the Feds have to visit Pennsylvania tracks anyway?   They've been at Penn Nat several times over the years, and now it's Parx.


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Gerh: "This clown should not be allowed near any animal"

Including humans! Usually people that abuse animals, are abusive towards other people as well!

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