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Praising Del Mar   General Discussions

Started 11/8/17 by rarc08; 550 views.

From: rarc08


Well, with the Breeders Cup in the books, it’s time to give praise to Del Mar for a great Breeders Cup. It was a rocky few months with Irap’s bad injury in the Pennsylvania Derby, Effinex collapsing in his stall and dying and as I attended the Keeneland Breeders Futurity, I was at the finish line when I saw the outrider turn around and hustle his pony horse to the top of the stretch to get control of the horse Ten City, who broke down and was vanned off. Sadly, all three are gone. I couldn’t take any more bad news. So it was refreshing to see that to my knowledge, there were no serious injuries. I think they did a great job with the track and the weather was great. It was also nice to see Gun Runner win the classic. As a big racing fan, I love the excitement coming down the stretch, rooting for your favorite horse, the thundering hooves, the crowd screaming, time seems to stop for a few seconds as the horses cross the finish line. That’s the beauty of the sport. However there is nothing worse to me than hearing the words “pulled up” or “something went wrong” So great job to Del Mar especially after a tough summer at Saratoga. Next years Breeders Cup is at Churchill Downs and while it’s nice to have it at different tracks, the weather can get ugly in Kentucky in November. I hate to see championship races ran on a sloppy track. Anyways, the 2017 Breeders Cup was successful no matter who won!

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I concur!

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From: TexSquared


I'll also concur.   Going to a first-time host, admittedly I went in fearing/expecting the worst (snafus/fubars all over the place) but it ran like a well oiled machine.   I think the smartest move they made was the attendance limit.  I'm sure there was a lot of grumbling over that by fans who couldn't get tickets (or afford the few sold, as they were quite expensive), but by limiting it to under 38K daily, the place was manageable.  If you needed to place some bets, eat/drink, buy souvenirs, walk around to the apron to see the track or back to the paddock area, or use the restrooms, you could with minimal lineups.  Every fan and media member (that's us) had parking (albeit in the overflow lot across the street).  This was not the case at Keeneland where they set a very unrealistic attendance limit of 50,000, many of which didn't have track view, and that place was near impossible to move around in, the restroom lines were long, and we had to park at the press hotel and take a shuttle bus in.  And the biggest plus to the bean counters is, on-track handle was higher at Del Mar (despite the smaller attendance) than at Santa Anita.   So, fewer fans, but fans with more money to bet.

I fully expect Del Mar to host again and Keeneland never again.  Next year is CD as we all know, expect to hear Santa Anita get 2019, then either Del Mar, Belmont (here's hoping!), or Laurel* in 2020.


* Hosting a BC at Laurel is part of Stronach's agenda to bulldoze Pimlico and move the Preakness to Laurel.  Much like how/why Santa Anita seems to host a lot of BC's, surely there'll be more greasing of palms by Frankie to get Laurel the BC. 

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From: Wintertrian


nice post, rarc08.  I agree.