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DRF banned at CD and FG?   General Discussions

Started 11/24/17 by TexSquared; 360 views.

From: DogsUp


What's missing.

The DRF took on an ADW advanced deposit wagering portal (betting on line) partnership.

They then provided DRF past performance data free or highly discounted based on usage, That is betting thorough the portal.

They DRF; are partnering with Express Bet which is owned by the Gulfstream Park folk.

Churchill Downs operates betting website.

The DRF has been excluding Churchill Downs among the 5/6 tracks included in appropriate editions for some time now. Fair Grounds not so much.

More importantly, the DRF advertises on the front cover to bet their website. (which can be done @ any track on one's personal device), receive PPs and get cash backs. All on line digitally.

Ergo, Churchies printing their own 5/6 race track program/Brisnet data version in a dog~eat~dog another line drawn in the sand. I saw this coming when DRF stopped publishing Churchill Downs intentionally.

I'd like to get the nearest offsite concession on the street available or dedicated store front.

Derby week alone.  Better than when selling flip flops rain or shine. High heel shoes and or mud/rain.

Oh the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky Mone~y


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From: twoshots


I can't find any sympathy for DRF here. I have stopped buying it when I go to the track because the price has gotten so high while the information amount has gotten so much lower.