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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 52740 views.

From: smartyslew


Good eye, he did do that.I couldn't tell if there was contac.


From: DogsUp


If there was the slightest touch perhaps a new call line would be jockey savage.

Can't do that. Only in cases of real or eminent safety. 

Such as a jockey falling from runner out of gate and touches both horses to his side but doesn't or does finish race. No foul call. Happened at Spa.


From: ChiefsCrown


One other smaller horse i really liked was War Pass who missed the '08 derby.

Never did find out War Pass's demise.


From: Wintertrian


smartyslew said...

That doesn't count. you had to have the Super with the 11 in it, cmon

Yeah, I was somewhat disappointed I didn't go deeper and add my longshots into a superfecta.
It still wouldn't have paid that great. 

I have also learned to stay loyal to horses and trainers even if it looks bad for a while.  If you believe in them, then you wait it out. I didn't used to do that.  I made good money off 2 horses in last 2 months which gave me bankroll for summer:    Dunph (it was only a matter of time for him and I kept at it with him, he was actually on one of my Derby lists for a while) and Hashtag Winner (Williamson is one of my longshot trainers at OP).  As a matter of fact if you played back just OP trainers/jocks/horses on Friday at CD, you would have had like 5 exactas and several winners and they paid well.  Look it up at Brisnet, race by race.  Very lucrative day. 

Sat didn't offer that opportunity so I was unable to take advantage of that angle. 

I really like playing the non stakes type races.......the odds are better.  Big stakes races are exciting and meaningful to watch, if you want to make $$ play the maiden races and the not-so-famous races where there's a false favorite or 2 and you can do very well. 


From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

Although Belmont Stakes has dropped 3 furlongs and 1/2 million off the scheduled $1.5 mil...seems as a Jewel race the weight carried should go at the prescribed 126.

Shortening the race benefits the quarterhorse trainers (er, I mean the TB trainers) like Bob Baffert, speedsters running at shorter distances.   

Shortening races in the US is always met with glee and the Belmont and about 3-4 other races the entire year all across the US is the only classic distance stuff left anymore.   Start shortening those and we all know who benefits.  

I won't be tuning in.   I think I"m pretty much done til BC and/or 2021 with US racing for rest of this season.  Maybe play a few of the bush tracks out of boredom.  Belmont at 9F is of absolutely no interest to me. 


From: DogsUp


Hi Winter. And to all.I probably should have posted this note in my Conundrum thread.

The fallout of the epidemic will have repercussions on racing as it does the economy at large. Reduced purses (much based on track casino revenues, and the short fall of their closing during the epidemic. Further revenues will be diminished due to high unemployment and a substantial time for recovery.

The industry is going negative in that it rode the wave of full employment. Now, like Churchill, for example, they have to curtail their hotel expansion. And the track casinos compete with reservation casinos on every corner. And all that don't have tracks.

New blood owners at the beginner level will take its toll. Bug boys will have to have a trust fund or wealthy family to ride in a high cost of living area. Stable sizes/trainer and back stretch workers I guess will see consolidated necessity. The outcome of last year's Derby (after a consecutive string of Derbt fav winners and now the topsy turvy Triple 'Round dampened the keystones of annual one + new shooter players.

I'm interested to see how Saratoga fares. Last year Monmouth Park had to cancel races on big day due to heat. 

I see a trend that like you, I played early Dec 2019. Twice this year.

And have an on line account that could take merely seconds to do.

I'm not a or we all at large are doomed but I see this zero sum game, unlike other sports and athletes taking a bad step on the far turn.

Things have settled in my personal life and Saratoga/Lake George and Monmouth/Jersey shore are in car striking distance. So I will provide stimulus to the game and locale economies. 



From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

Saratoga/Lake George and Monmouth/Jersey shore are in car striking distance. So I will provide stimulus to the game and locale economies. 

Sounds like a plan.  GL

Dunno what to think about Monmouth, never played there, probably never will, seems like they didn't keep a very good eye on Servis. 


From: DogsUp


Servis would run grass and dirt stables in Florida winter + spring meet. Then ship in to Monmouth Pk where a number of runners were running for the 1st time of the year. Not running say  Aquduct. Many NJ owners + partners just own a / one horse. And if Jersey bred..better pickings 

Back in the 70s NJ built sports complex and the track ran 9 months harness 3 tbred. Many began to buy, breed NJ standardbreds.

The collective calibre of horses running and tag prices gives connections who ran winter spring a conditioning help.

This is more or less just info, not particularly about Servis, as Mr Servis will have a lot of 'splaning to do soon enough.

And after some time of dealing with real life situations it will be refreshing to get back in the game and gave a run from Belmont Stakes to Brds Cup.

My hat off and prayers to all who have served our great country this Memorial Day.

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From: DogsUp


I must have not ate enough Purina dog chow and said Derby connections would avoid each other until Sept. Derby.

Tiz the Law's Upstate owners are looking at this one, Belmont Stakes "Unplugged" as good as The Derby. 

And I'm quite excited that my Delta colt in thread here.. numero uno, 1st thread is an early odds long perhaps 25 to 30.

Tizzy most likely favorito say 5/2.

 Eight 8 starters on earnings in graded stakes at a mile or longer. (not points)

 Five 5 then runners of non-restricted stakes earnings. Any. distance. Calvin Borail need not apply. Hinders NY state-breds.

Race max out 16 gates.

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From: DogsUp




.Feb 3

Dogs first #1 comment starting this thread. But just one mistake. Kelly Bréen is the Monmouth based trainer that wears fedora style hats.

Connections of Maxfield will wait some time before deciding what race is next for the colt. Actually some trainers have not formally players.

Tiz the Law is a Rock Hard Ten all in. 

...............the thread

Delta horse now:Maxfield. 2 for 2. Ran last to first in the duo. Breeding is who's who for me IMHO. Jockey Jose Ortiz extremely suited for this caboose runner who picks up the pieces by sweeping the early pack after field makes it appear they left this colt in the dust. From the gate no less. Godolphin bred + owned. Brendan Walsh trainer with a wardrobe of awesome fedoras + suits. A 4 way connection +

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