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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 62520 views.
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From: DogsUp


Epilog: Derby 2020

I was in a bit of a tizzy after we all knew

we had a first time Derby DQ

Last year. After the last beer.

No one had cause to cheer

Racing seemed fuzzy for the rest of the year 

Along comes a Derby more stranger

Thought mask and a horse was about the  Lone Ranger

Nobody was there to make it exciting 

Not even The Dogs could make it inviting

'My Old Kentucky Home' sounded so dead

It didn't raise the hairs on the back of my head

Like it always did. Since I was a kid 

Small field and awkward network video angles 

Not even a broke in opening tangles

Colts ran along in single file

Not a tight one as the Pioneer of the Nile

No cigar smoking and distancing in line

To buy a drink one had to dine

Hey really I'm not about to cry

After all we had the full  Tri

And pardon me if I seem unworthy

There's nothing like the Kentucky Derby 

  • Edited September 17, 2020 11:29 am  by  DogsUp
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From: DogsUp


The handle was nearly 1/2 of last yr.

I was confident the horizontals would pay. ..Twenty cent...that's correct Huskman...20  cent

Pick 6 into Derby 261,802.50

10 cent super $745

$1 pk 4. 5,243.50

  • Edited September 22, 2020 5:29 pm  by  DogsUp