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Future pools   Triple Crown

Started 1/24/21 by smartyslew; 3825 views.

From: DogsUp


Didn't realize that, are those Twin Spires M/L to bet advanced pool?

2012 I'll Have Another beat Creative Cause in Santa Anita Derby and CC was done at 9 FL. Yet MB had IHA a longer Derby odds than CC. Never took MB's line in a 20 field in consideration. Stack em and rack em ticket construction.

Anybody want some free clean snow?


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From: princeofdoc


It is ridiculous, truly......thanks for posting the final odds, Rob.  Big surprise to me that Concert Tour was not bet down more.


From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

Essential Quality is Derby Doggie Delta today and will run Oaklawn Saturday. Was canceled  last week.

And it's a whole Saturday since then, and still closed.  :)   And most everyone in my neighborhood still can't drive out of their driveway.  Today it will start to thaw out 
We got the most snow in Arkansas, from what I can see  That's 18-22 where plows and sanders are not common and many people do not even own a snow shovel.  :) 

thankfully they have the whole first part of the week to tend to the track, I bet it is a real mess. 


From: DogsUp


That is a lot of snow in short fall anywhere.

Upstate NY gets a bit of Great Lake Ontario effect.

Snow here has been flaky light. Easy shovel. Plow guy does driveway. 

!I was glad! We had snow last night. Happy it snowed so I didn't want to go out.

Hoofnote: I smoke cigars in my house and get artist paint on my jeans, floor and walls. Stayed home no OTB.

So.... I didn't go to simulcast and bet a substantial $ on Knicks Go.


From: smartyslew


He was forced to run on the rail by Charlatan worst part of the track today.

Gosden told his jock to stay in the middle of the track and Eagen gave him a great ride.

Lauren Stich's pick and I liked for my exacta with Knicks Go who I'm biased  with

Because of Paynter. Still can't believe he lived to breed.


From: DogsUp


Fine observation. You know I'm into the anecdotal information of a race.

This was a $20 mil-yon purse. Winner. TEN. LARGE. Jockey a mil at 10%. Agent 25%. And that agent represents Johnny Vee and Rosario. AND Agent stood close to making much more for just putting it together  

Short story Johnny Vee gets literally taken off a plane for Covid clearances and Rosario has foresight to update his credentials to make flight by a photo nose.

Antennas (Dogs) up this gave me consternation to not bet Knicks Go. Why didn't the agent forecast and check, war game the Covid + Airline needs. And JV couldn't rebook for resolve. BTW.

They weren't going to a neighbor's BBQ. A walk over..

I just felt they were not more than ready. Smith got out- jocked where it counted.


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From: smartyslew


4 Into Mischief, 3 Tapits in pool 4

021 Kentucky Derby Future Wager
Official Field - Pool Four
# Name Pool 1
Final Odds
Pool 2
Final Odds
Pool 3
Final Odds
Pool 4
M/L Odds
Pool 4
Final Odds
  1 Caddo River 27-1 13-1 15-1 15-1
  2 Candy Man Rocket - - 35-1 30-1
  3 Collaborate - - - 30-1
  4 Concert Tour - 16-1 17-1 20-1
  5 Dream Shake - - 28-1 30-1
  6 Essential Quality 8-1 8-1 8-1 7-2
  7 Freedom Fighter - - 52-1 30-1
  8 Greatest Honour - 40-1 9-1 6-1
  9 Highly Motivated 18-1 24-1 37-1 20-1
10 Hot Rod Charlie 34-1 40-1 35-1 30-1
11 Hush of a Storm - - - 50-1
12 Keepmeinmind 19-1 19-1 25-1 30-1
13 Life Is Good 5-1 7-1 7-1 4-1
14 Mandaloun - 42-1 16-1 15-1
15 Medina Spirit - 24-1 25-1 30-1
16 Midnight Bourbon 59-1 26-1 41-1 30-1
17 Prevalence - - 14-1 20-1
18 Proxy - - - 20-1
19 Risk Taking - - 25-1 30-1
20 Roman Centurian - - 41-1 50-1
21 Rombauer - - - 50-1
22 Spielberg - 47-1 - 20-1
23 The Great One - - 38-1 50-1
24 Mutuel field (all other 3-year-olds) 6-5 9-5 3-1 10-1


From: DogsUp


Damn.. The Great One + Collaborate are already on the radar. Connections will wak the best of 2 proportionately in this pool. 

Math now: IF one bet $20 EQ at 7-2 win = $50.  Versus May Derby bet $1 Exacta wheel..EQ all @ $1 exactly only has to come back $90 for same @$1. With chances for more

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From: TexSquared


Always worth a look, compare the Derby future pools with the Euro bookmakers:

Kentucky Derby Betting Odds


From: smartyslew


Greatest Honour is the most Popular bet at 12-1 over there

Prevalence at 16 -1  is 5th most popular, and I haven't looked at him yet
so much more to learn. Thanks Tex.

top 5 popular bets:  83 percent have bet on these top 5 listed. 17 % all others

Greatest Honour (12/1) Life Is Good (10/1) Essential Quality (8/1) Concert Tour (12/1) Prevalence (16/1)

Greatest Honour  43.75 % of the bets,