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Holy Bull   Triple Crown

Started Jan-27 by princeofdoc; 1850 views.

From: smartyslew


There still on the ride out. 
Congrats sweet Hit.

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From: DogsUp


+ All.

The field in the post parade had all jocks and out riders wearing dark/black protective virus masks in the Post Parade.

Loading into the gate the favorite #6 and #4 balked at loading into the starting gate, as both assistant starters were wearing white masks. Other assistant starters wore black.


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Prime factor no factor.  does not look promising from that race.


From: Gerh


I am willing to give Prime Factor another chance.Forced to travel wide early.According to Trakus, he traveled 22feet more than Tarantino 

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From: princeofdoc


Yes, of course, the horse can still win....but at this point, we're looking at what's needed to win the Derby, and a horse this late in the game, in his 2nd race, showing so little regardless of trouble, simply will not win the Derby.

Both of Todd's horses were unprepared for the 2 turn stakes race vs. more experienced colts, but as he said, there were no allowance races to enter....thus forced to run to see if capable of competing on the trail.  He must have sent out word that PF was ready, able, and magnificent to have his odds so low.....he just didn't know, imho.

Simply due to being from Pletcher's barn, the futures pool and Circa's pool reflected PF's participation....


From: Gerh


Sure he can still win.Just transfer him to Baffert.


From: Plus2lbs


Move along....



From: DogsUp


Tiz the Law finished 6th in the BC Classic following my citing his 2nd place unusual footing shuffle trip in the Derby stretch.

And retired because he was not a runner.

Horses are put into their stall head first. Then turned around to face out. Don't back em in.

Starting gates solve this by loading rear.

 The Holy Bull favorite going face/front into gate saw the white protective mask and would not gate load bravely. 


From: Plus2lbs


Cancel bets....?

Or load up on your choice...

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From: DogsUp


It's more about the next race After a noticeable incident. Trip view analysis.

 As when Tis the Law ran in the *September Derby was 2nd and displayed his awkward running finish "self induced." Had won the Travers and Belmont. 

So, then I commented on I saw Tis doing his shuffle in the stretch in Derby costing the win. Could have been organic/physical or mental. But he did it.

Then the connections past on races before the BC Cup because they knew the horse had issues.

Not correctable as showing up in next race(s) soon by adding equipment, say shadow roll or mouth ring etc. 

They took their best shot by seeing what he had in BC money race. Ran 6th retired. Honestly, I was thinking he would not hit the board. Cause they past races. 

The white mask on the asst. starter loading Holly Bull favorite was noticed at gate time. It was 'after the race that I would go back on YouTube watch and see 2 horse loading and balk with white masks worn by asst starters...and further watch/see the post parade then with outriders and jocks wearing black. 

Not being a horse whisperer can't say how the white mask played in spooking the gate load. Or positivity of mask to finish outcome. Or was it just random that the 2 asst. starters showed up for work and grabbed white masks. Or there is no required color requirement. So as Ali would say I ain't got no quarrel. Would only say that a schooled in the gate and starts colt reacted as such IMO.

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