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Kentucky Derby 2021 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 2/28/21 by DogsUp; 58560 views.
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Rosario and Sadler teamed up to win a 10F race at Churchill, the 2018 BC Classic with Accelerate.


From: DogsUp


That's not the drill.

Take the major 3 yr old Derby days / point races at the anointed tracks.

The big ride jocks go to those tracks and ride in several big purse elite races.

And then things shake out. Like you mention horses one jock rides 

Agents/jocks go to trainer/owner with best opportunities present + future.

At Oaklawn Saturday Irad to me was the reason Monomoy Girl + the a Philly who won a Preakness got beat. 

A top jockey can find 2 - 3 seconds against a lesser. Not make the horse run any faster  And they know 'when to ride. They get best horses.

Connections seek out the top jocks who are riding at the big days.

And sure within a colony and meet/circuit it shakes out who rides for who.

Jockeys are beholding to their connections. They don't call the shots. Very respectful and thankful almost humble as you see in interviews.

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From: Wintertrian


chroses said...

Every time I bet on Rosario/horse I have lost (if my memory serves me correctly)

Thank god it's not just me. 

I would love for them to let Bejarano ride Like the King.  

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From: Wintertrian


Most of jockeys I like have retired or are near to it. 
I always liked Bejarano, he has gifted hands. 
And would LOVE to see Edgar Prado ride in another Belmont Stakes. 
Garrett Gomez was brilliant. 

I always liked Calvin Borel......what's not to like?  I mean, really.   I have a soft spot for the cajuns, haivng lived among them for many years. Most generous people in the world, and good-hearted. 

------Off topic but case in point: There's "authentic cajun" and then there are the pretenders. 
When South Louisiana food became "in", you'd go to these newer restaurants w/ 4 different menus with photos, colors, tags, people laughing so you have to really go through all the bs just to find what you want.  They all have those photos like when I used to work with on Madison Ave., right?  SLICK.   So you order what they tout as a Bucket O'Shrimp with a photo of a tin bucket the size of two quarts so you think you are getting THAT bucket filled with shrimp.  Then the bucket o'shrimp comes to the table and it is not filled with shrimp....there is an insert that is like a small plastic bowl that fits inside the real bucket and holds about 12 shrimp. You are really just getting a "Small plastic bowl O'Shrimp".  Inside a real bucket.

Now, if you are used to the *real* South Louisiana, they don't cotton to that scam. I can't even imagine Breaux's in Lafayetter serving  a fake bucket of 12 shrimp when it looks like a 2 quart bucket filled with shrimp.  People  would fricking shoot ya, I mean no self-respecting authentic cajun restaurant operates like that.   Real Cajuns don't mess around when it comes to eating.  They boil up 50 lbs. of shrimp, spill 5 lbs into a REAL washtub and then pour it out on your table.  And their menu is like 4 items, typewritten on 1 piece of paper:
Shrimp    $12
rabs      $14
Crawfish  $13
Fried fish  $13

So, Calvin is more like Breauxs.  So is Desormeaux, except he's got demons to battle.  


From: princeofdoc


I believe Bejarano will be riding Hidden Stash.....into 3rd place!


From: Wintertrian


Not seein' Hidden stash yet at this point but I'll upgrade him based on rider   :) 

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From: Wintertrian


This is an interesting post by Barbara Livingston.......his MO........


From: Gerh


Did you see Midnight Bourbon got loose for a while yesterday.He seemed to enjoy himself


From: Northof64


Hidden Stash posted a higher bris at 1 1/16 vs 1 1/8 this year. FYI we have discussed this in the past that when that happens they typically do not hit the trifecta.


From: ChiefsCrown


Good to hear about the weather on May 1.