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I look at auction prices sometimes   Triple Crown

Started Mar-29 by Wintertrian; 862 views.
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From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

MTB was Canadian 2 Y O recognized champ.

Earned enough Derby points to be in it 

Yet! My favorite true story is the KD people contacting the MTB ownership to ask them if they had intentions to run the Derb

Sport of Kings and all that.   Some of the elites don't identify too well with working class types and/or anyone not from their own national "bubble".    

If you remember that derby week, none of the Talking Heads, clockers, etc.  mentioned the horse at all, either. 

I found it sort of an embarassment and it was actually a moment when I paused to review my participation in the game, because of the "outsider" treatment they received. 


From: DogsUp


I got to be the contrarian on this one..sort a.

It is interesting that the connections of MTB made no attempt/for them to contact and enter - name their colt in the KD as having made the top 20 eligible. It was just a high interest story/comment in that jockeys, trainers, owners, fans and even once a year players all spent their focus on "who gonna get in the Derby..race by race..point by point.

I'll give you that at that time/ MTB Kentucky Derby,the persona of MTB's trainer Skip Wooley ala  jeans, cowboy hat and using temporary injury crutches...proped against the likes of trainers in afternoon tailored suit and tie, manicured hair cuts or fashionable fedoras a top their heads..impressions were made.

I myself, and many a bettor told me stories where they connected with jockeys, trainers, owners in public and were well received and invited in. And I would guess that in other sports or famed celebrities this is not the case. Exception band roadies. 

I'll save my personal encounters. One I like.

An OTB friend had a retirement job as toll both collector. A vehicle stops at toll both and he reads a horse name on a Kty license plate. He engages the driver about the horse. They horse talk. Before the horse owner exits,  just for say gas and coffee/food and intends to get back on the same exit; he asks my friend if he could bring him back coffee or something to eat. Was Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Brereton C. Jones.

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From: Wintertrian


Mine that Bird, the horse himself, was quite lovely when chip took him out to meet n' greet children, etc. after he won the KY Derby.

Horse was the kind type. 

Maybe that is also why I like him.


From: DogsUp


50 - 1 was the movie of MTB..really great. They/ owners cowboy ranchers..'shoot ma'm' scotch drinking free thinkers had a friendship with Chip so they didn't fire him and gave him more chances with the colt. There's even a Baffman at The KDy.

Ruffian free on YouTube is simple production and puts one right with the prickly but sage trainer.

Got to love the character/story line of those in Seabiscuit movie.

A muddy track..Kentucky Derby...strange things happen.

Mother nature can put a spin on the surface. One can't beat Mother Nature. her.



From: DogsUp


Mother Nature rules the surfaces. Abstract look for lips, nose @ eye.