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Grand National   European Racing

Started Apr-10 by Plus2lbs; 332 views.
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From: TexSquared


If you haven't seen it yet:

Grand National Handicap Chase 2021 - YouTube

The winner is easy to spot the whole way, look for the green and yellow silks (looks like the Bob and Beverly Lewis colors), green cap with a big white star.  No other jockey has a big white star on the helmet so you can pick Rachael Blackmore in the pack.  Winner was close to the pace most of the way and looked to save ground (don't know if that matters as much on this course, but she was never parked out).


From: Plus2lbs


Yes...very well known and famous sho.

Thanks for the replay..

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SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


She rode a really intelligent race & she had the horse.  In her words:

“He was just incredible, he jumped beautifully. I was trying to wait for as long as I could - when we jumped the last and I asked him for a bit, he was there. It’s just incredible. I don’t feel male or female right now - I don’t even feel human. This is just unbelievable.”