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Belmont ..No Lasix    Triple Crown

Started May-27 by Ticketman; 493 views.

From: pianot


Dont see it  to be a big impact on any of the the PPs I've seen for the contenders. 

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Ticketman said:

Can you really use any past performances from previous Belmont Stakes races ?

I have a question for you, my friend.  Why would you want to use Past Performances from previous Belmonts?  I can see using charts & watching videos for the purpose of observing & learning about effective running styles, to project some pace calculations, to get a sense for how jockeys who might be riding next week handled previous Belmonts.  

For example, the Past Performances for the 2018 Belmont, let's say, show all the races the entrants participated in leading up to the race so that the information can be used to handicap the 2018 Belmont.  What good is that information to handicap the 2021 Belmont?  I don't get it.

I could be misreading your post or maybe you mean something different than the usual definition of past performances.  That is why I ask the question, if you wouldn't mind clarifying.

Also, I cannot see how lasix in previous Belmonts have anything to do with this year's lasix free event.

Good luck next week to you & all who might see this.  :)


From: Ticketman


question is answered ...bol next week


From: pianot



My review was of current contenders and their use or nonuse of lasix and I dont see its impact this year at all. Past Belmonts is not apples to apples at all.

  • Edited May 27, 2021 8:44 pm  by  pianot