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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 256456 views.

From: smartyslew


Race 3 Sunday Santa Anita a Firster Geaux Rocket Ride wired the field for Mandella

beating Bafferts favorite by 5 lengths, looking good doing it and a Good Pedigree
A Apollo type probably for the Preakness. Going on my list.

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From: smartyslew


Payoffs for Bafferts  1-2-3 In the San Vicente moved him up to 2nd place in the
Trainers Standing. Next week he will capture the purse for 1st four places
He doesn't miss a value move. Payoff last race.

Winner $120,000; second $40,000; third $24,000

trainers money standings 1/29/23

Mott William I $2,194,245
Baffert Bob $1,867,090
Brad H. Cox $1,553,992
Maker Michael J $1,506,319

From: smartyslew


3 yr olds on our list with Races coming up
Gulfstream Park
Race 8 :75,000 all Cl 5f turf 10 entry's
#7 Morethanreadyeddie Off 7 months  MTR/ Unbridleds Song 1-L
 Saez/ Pletcher  SUCKS with this 3 yr old get a plan or Let somebody else Train Him
Oaklawn Race 7 All OPt  CL  80,000  8f dirt 7 entrys  EDIT GUN Pilot WON
#2 Gun Pilot L  Gun Runner/ Smart Strike    Santana/ Asmussen
Santa Anita Race 3 : Robert Lewis Mi-stakes 4 workers 8.5 f
#1 Arabian Lion  Edit: Normal Baffert 4 horse workout . The Horse
that didn't have a target in front of him came in last.
Race 8 : MSW 9f Turf
# 5 Excel Calculator  Cairo Prince/ Tapit   Frey/Papadrod.  11 entrys
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From: smartyslew


2 only
On Our 3 yr old List racing in This points race 3 Arctic Arrogance, 5 Hit Show,  20-8-6-4-2 pts
Hit Show Raced with Lasix in last, see if it gives a boost in numbers this race, like Cox
did with Cyberknife last year. The formula looks like many trainers this year are going with 2 races using Lasix in non point races and giving them a season boost like I do with Tomatoes, when planting a spoonful of 29% nitrogen fertilizer around each plant and when it gets established adding Epsom salt sprinkled around each plant So the fruit grows more then the green vegetation. It could be a unknown chemical effect, I don't know though, and suggest we track it this year. All others entered are Lasix free.
I like the 2 on our list to run 1 -2, #5 1st, #3 2nd.
 I really Like #5 Hit Shows Pedigree and don't like the L use. 89 bris with L in last
Best Speed At Distance 9f: Arctic Arrogance 99-slop G2 Remsen , Prove Right 64.. Par Speed 97
 7th race Aqueduct - Saturday, February 4th, 2023:  * same race
STAKES. 1 1/8 Mile Dirt. Purse $250,000. Withers S. (Grade 3). FOR THREE YEAR OLDS. (03:44 PM) (6)
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey Trainer                     runup last
1 Ninetyprcentmaddie  EP8 3 C 120 Adorno Abner Reid, Jr. Robert E.    24ft  no route race
2 General Banker  EP5 3 C 118 Cancel Eric Ferraro James W.      52ft*
3x Arctic Arrogance E 8 3 C 118 Lezcano Jose Rice Linda                52ft*
4 Andiamo A Firenze E6 3 C 118 Carmouche Kendrick Breen Kelly J.           52 ft*
5x Hit Show  P4 3 C 118 Franco Manuel Cox Brad  L in last    60ft
6 Prove Right  EP6 3 C 118 Gomez Jose Antonio Chapman James K.   55ft 2 back:  no trainer plan F grade imo
Speed Last:94-7f Ninetyprcentmaddi
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From: Gerh


I think racing at Aqueduct has been canceled on Friday and Saturday due to frigid conditions.I believe the Withers has been moved to next Saturday 


From: princeofdoc


Confirmed.....will run 2/11, same day as Sam Davis.  May conflict with Gotham for those trainers who imagined running back in a month.


From: smartyslew


Maybe this one will work .
------------------------------------------------ Edit Rocket Can 5-2 Won top 2 Numbers
going In: no Lasix Cyclone Mischief didn't fire.
On our List racing Here.:1 Lord Miles,4 Cyclone Mischief, 8 Rocket Can
Legacy Isle Is rated with the 4 on our list. top 4. Longshot # 5 Mr Bob 10/1 imo.

#4 Cyclone Mischief Lasix in last could help here formula for some trainers
#4 and # 8 s/be top 2 on fast track. #8 has top 2 numbers for the distance has to be on
ticket and top number SyS.
 12 th race Gulfstream Park - Saturday, February 4th, 2023 Holy Bull
STAKES. 1 1/16 Mile Dirt. Purse $250,000. Holy Bull S. (Grade 3). THREE YEAR OLDS. 
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey Trainer                      runup
1 Lord Miles  S2 3 C b 118 Ortiz, Jr. Irad Joseph, Jr. Saffie A.      5ft
2 West Coast Cowboy E5  Off 70 SyS 3 C 118 Zayas Edgard J. Joseph, Jr. Saffie A.      5ft
3 Shadow Dragon S2 3 C 118 Ortiz Jose L. Mott William I.           50ft
4 Cyclone Mischief  EP7 needs to rate 3 C 120 Gaffalione Tyler Romans Dale L.            5ft L in last + 18
5 Mr Bob  EP5 3 C b 118 Rosario Joel Falcone, Jr. Robert N.   5ft
6 Legacy Isle  EP6 3 C 120 Saez Luis Crichton Rohan             5ft
7 Il Miracolo  EP3 3 C 118 Reyes Leonel Sano Antonio                 5ft
8 Rocket Can P7  Off 96 SyS 3 C 118 Alvarado Junior Mott William I.             50ft  
Best Speed at Distance: 8 Rocket Can 96, MDN-SyS: 8 Rocket Can 91 OCL : 4 Cyclone Mischief 81, G2 Par 97
Speed Last Race: 99 Cyclone Mischief 91 Rocket Can 90Legacy Isle 89Lord Miles 84 Mr Bob 82Il Miracolo 80 West Coast Cowboy 7
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  • Edited February 4, 2023 6:13 pm  by  smartyslew

From: smartyslew


More Races 2/4/23  runners from our List
Gulfstream  Park:
Race 6 Swale Stks 7f dirt 6 entrants
#1 General Jim Edit FIRST
#6 Super Chow   2ND
Race 8 OC 75,000 8f Dirt
1 Tapit Trice     L1  WON
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From: smartyslew


Are you talking the Swale Stakes at 7f, meant more before the point system

when 40 percent of the Derby runners were sprinter types after scoring 

the top purse for this race or ITM. Probably just another stks sprint down the road.

What about The Bob Lewis race today, Baffert will sweep $200,000 first 4 finishers. KaChing

might catapult to top of earnings list for N. A. trainers. Suggest we need some rule changes

for small fields.