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2021 2 year olds   Handicapping

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 48073 views.
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From: smartyslew


Here is a tidbit from 5 years ago betting Turf horses 2 yr olds and up

Turf pedigrees to look for key positions in 5 generations charts for an advantage IMO.

from one page from the haun book
"  i was already aware of the superiority of the stamina elements in the european horses
because of the way they were raced with undulating tracks and longer distances. speed was
prized in america but staying power for classic distances was cherished over the pond.
the darley X combined speed with distance and stride and produced some amazing runners.
sea the stars,sadlers wells,high chaparral,troy,galileo,goldikova,duke of marmalade, frankel,cape blanco
cape cross,pivotal,rock of gibraltar, to name just a few.
sadlers wells passed the darley x with a heart score of 157, as we were able to determine through
his daighters. this is the same great heart as expressed by kingmambo and the reason the cross between the
two lines worked so well . it didn't matter which was on which x.  sadlers wells passed the great northern dancers y line
with the darley line on his  x chromosome.if kingmambo was on top , he passed the mr p speed with the great heart of 
miesque on his x. either cross produced great speed on the y and great heart on the x, not to mention 
the five lumbar vertebra skeleton with its extraordinary stride..
lately,  in european auctions, the female offspring of galileo and cape cross have been getting high prices
these two sires,along with several other prominent european sires are passing the darley x, with its 
combination of stride, speed and heart. galileo through his broodmare sire, miswaki,passes the same
princequillo x found in secretariat.
ironically, miswakis dam hopespringseternal was purchased as a yearling by penny chenery, who named her.
penny bought her because she was  a daughter of buckpasser, but her greatest x which she expressed
and gave to her sons, galileo and sea the stars, was princequillo the sire of her second dam . urban sea and her two sons all won the arc de triomphe, a test of stamina..

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From: smartyslew


This surprised me on the Equibase speed leaderboard for 2 year olds

More Than Ready's top 2 yr old speed number (males) is Paratus 93, didn't hit the

ITM board in his only race, suggest checking that race out, Slipstream 92 is next highest.
suggest 's  his fillies have higher numbers.

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From: DogsUp


RE: posting of "horse racing results full chart in Post 302.

? Guess DRF at $12 a daily paper copy and provided digitally at website user discounts or free as well as Equibase, Trakus and their user tracks and handicappers just don't get it..

What codified mathematical and anecdotal Thoroughbred results do you refer to as a not outdated?

And we are talking about Thoroughbred horse racing; live races only.


From: smartyslew


Hey Dogs thx for having my back in this 21st century of mis information all over the place

This old fashioned free due diligence of one mans hobby has the Superior Tech

confused because of no app dinosaurs style that started before the new math and

algorithm goes deep into the bowels of the actual T'bred's and the racing industry

without an App with one Man's opinion using his feeble brain and its free and time consuming to do.

It's for anybody interested and not required reading. Thx again dogs !


From: smartyslew


Thank you very much for your response and ideas!

that chart you referred to is the results after the race is official and over.

Its not outdated !  You can look it up with numerous Apps or on the site !
BTW here is the sight that info came from.

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Doesn’t surprise me. MTR has been know to produce better female runners. Also, I am following quite a few of his progeny, and the most expensive ones that are male, have just begun to work. MTR’s filllies are more precocious. He has sired a couple of BC juvenile turf winners, a second, and a third place finisher, versus one juvy male winner. This year Slipstream will represent his males, while Bubble Rock, Koala Princess, and Consumer Spending, all should be competitive in the filly races.

Actually, I saw the race with Paratus, the Godolphin owned colt, and he looked good. But I am more anxious to see James Aloysius return healthy.

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From: smartyslew


2 yr old Beyer leaderboard. focus on 8f and longer numbers for the future Tc trail

and the BC Juvenile Races. Jack Christopher 6f: 92 number, jumps up 10 pts to 102 for

1 Mile at Belmont one turn race, suggest a good one turn runner or better numbers stretching out.

2-year-olds: male or female
through 10/24/2021

Jack Christopher BEL 02 Oct 1M 102
Corniche DMR 04 Sep 5 1/2F 98
Commandperformance BEL 02 Oct 1M 97
Big City Lights SA 02 May 4 1/2F 93
Concept RP 26 Sep 6F 92
Echo Zulu SAR 15 Jul 5 1/2F 92
Jack Christopher SAR 28 Aug 6F 92
My Prankster SAR 21 Aug 6 1/2F 92
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smartyslew said:

Giant Game

You ever see so much 1-x straight down the middle of a dam as this one?  4 lines via MTR and Sea Hero