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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 306873 views.

From: smartyslew


Interesting, Very Interesting pedigree. She can be almost anything.

Di 1.55, cd .43 Stamina Sires , with high speed cmp gives her balance

of speed and stamina, Good tf families in 5 generations, the foundation Mares

Threw 2 high stamina Sires Tom Rolfe,  Chieftain, another one

Bold Ruler and mare Foolish one, 5 lines

With Almahmoud 2d,  Baby League 1x, Myrtlewood 13c, all 3 2 lines. 


From: DogsUp


What got me is the mare has thrown prior 4 foals and they all have won. This race makes 5/5.

Announcer did not say how many 1sters. Still in all no progeny failure with first 5.

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From: DogsUp


2:06 on the video has the paddock color/stat announcer saying the 4 for 4 stat. As having won a race.

Yes this is her raced + unraced record and shows unraced offspring at reporting. Zero offspring ran.

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MTR has a big weekend ahead with the two year olds. Tomorrow Clemente sends out Slipstream at the Spa. Cox sends out a filly named Already Charming at Ellis.

Then on Sunday, Ward has a filly in race 2 named Pammy’s Ready. Just a few minutes later, Casse has a colt, On Thin Ice, making his debut at Gulfstream. Later at Del Mar, Peter Miller sends out Roy C(successor to Roy H maybe). And finally at Arlington two fillies, including one, Plus Chic, that has been working very well, will also debut. The other is named Dressed.

More Than Ready has had a few well regarded juvies disappoint this year. Hopefully, he’ll do better this weekend.


From: smartyslew


Is Wards Filly entered against the boys. He does that a lot ,he understands the game.

He goes to Royal Ascot every year and is competitive. As you know he's a 2 yr old specialist.


From: Wintertrian


smartyslew said...

Historical Beyer numbers for Derby winners is 92 beyer  or higher for 2 yr olds.

I'd like to see more dd on this, i.e, let's EXCEPT Baffert horses since we know he trains 'em like quarters. 

How many horses who won the KY Derby had a 92 or more BSF at 2?
How many horses who won the Belmont had that? 

Also of interest how many who had that fig got injured on the Trail?   you know how they say speed kills....

If anyone has time to do this.....I don't have BSF for last 20 years to refer to  :( 

*a fun summer project*





She is entered in a filly MSW. She has had a couple of starts already, and has not performed well.


From: DogsUp


I've added Kentucky Derby Beyer Speed figs to my Ky Derby Diary..

Hoofnote: The speed figures for Derby day also calculate into it a factor of the track variant.

The fact that the races that day; over a mile and quality Grade runners push the number upwards.

Also on fine track surface conditions, mother nature and track maintenance equipment, the variant will push up the number.

Yet...When it is a soupy track; the variant is still a factor for lifting the number upwards as other races with Graded runners are compared using the surface as a Delta or par as to the aggregate times on the surface.

And a thought that earlier races could be run on wet/drying surface and by 6:45 PM the 1st Saturday in May, the surface has dried and the maintenance crew has an hour and a half to spin some speed magic into the track with equipment and maybe aqua.

²Hoofnote: Maxfield is a free square Saturday, at The Spa.


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From: smartyslew


He was not counting unraced filly born in 2015, Misleading suggesting 100 percent throwing runners

For what ever reason one didn't race, 4 for 5 is the stat.